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The Truth in Politics….What does it say about Candidates?

It is unusual for Cranky Lizard to throw more than one contribution into the mix in each edition of The Local Paper.

Most unusual.

In this case, Cranky Lizard has been gobsmacked to see that the local labor mob are still running the nonsense about a nuclear plant on Bribie Island.

People who know this column will be aware that Cranky Lizard has a highly developed B/S radar system – and it is has been pinging itself crazy over this latest blatant attempt by the labor party to perpetuate the lie that the LNP will build a nuclear power plant on Bribie Island.

This arrant nonsense has been refuted. Loudly, often and unambiguously by the current local member.

The fact that the labor candidate keeps rolling out this rubbish indicates that the level of desperation for votes in the coming State Election has reached a hysterical level in the labor camp.

So, let us test them.

Cranky Lizard directs the following remarks to the labor candidate…

Can you provide the irrefutable evidence of which person in the Queensland Liberal National Party made this statement and when it was made?

Can you do this? Can you back up your statement with the facts?

If you can, then Cranky Lizard would like to talk with you.

If you cannot – then you either withdraw them, unequivocably or stand exposed as just another political huckster playing fast and loose with the truth.

What will it be?

Cranky Lizard, along with the rest of the readers of The Local Paper, waits…

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