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Hi Readers

Well here it is issue 49, Welcome! This is a very special issue. In this crazy time with COVID-19, our advertisers had no choice but to save as much of their out goings as possible and advertising was one of them. The LOCAL News understood and decided to be very pro active so our small businesses can still survive. Now more than ever our local owned and operated businesses need your support to stay alive.

Simone Wilson MP and Terry Young MP have both sponsored and paid for a page each (Pages 6 & 7), so the businesses in their electorate can still advertise. These two pages have so many businesses that are still open for businesses adhering to the COVID-19 procedures the Government has asked them to do. There are café’s, loads of Tradies, in all the industries, hairdressers and many more businesses that need your business. Please support all our advertisers as much as you can. It’s also all about trying to keep our economy alive in the region.

This will continue to be in the paper for the next few months so if you are wondering if they are open for business or not Page 6 & 7 will tell you. It’s your reference to our local businesses.

We have put some additional games in the paper on page 29 for all our readers to pass some time away. Sudoku this issue is a hard one to challenge you all. This is just for you Paul from Bribie Real Estate - Woorim

Stay Safe and together we will get through this.

Warm regards

Belinda Ferguson

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