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I was fortunate to have been introduced to beautiful Bribie Island in the 60’s. As a pre-teen during this decade, a trip to Bribie was so exciting, but still quite a big day trip from Brisbane (unlike now as we travel to Brisbane to work every day). I remember paying the toll to cross the bridge in our Ford Falcon Station Wagon.

Our family were occasional day visitors to Bribie when the bridge opened in 1963. Then our parents discovered the magic of Bribie in the late 60’s. Our caravan was pretty much permanently at Woorim Caravan Park & our weekends & holidays during the early 70’s were spent there. We formed lifelong friends, one of whom became my husband. Park life was great fun, with organised activities during holidays including indoor sports in the rec hall, pool activities & visits from Santa & Easter Bunny.

In the park, we would hand feed the possums that would drop down onto our Annex at night & the kookaburras that would regularly visit.

In the mid 70’s, my parents bought land at Woorim & built their ‘beach house’. It became the hub for many of my park friends. We would also get many ‘native’ visitors regularly coming into our yard. The emus in particular, were so majestic & would parade across the yards unperturbed by our presence. The emus & kangaroos were also regularly seen strolling around the Woorim Golf Course.

Unfortunately, some of the wildlife that was prolific when we were growing up, is not so evident now.

We need to be more aware of getting the balance right between the requirement for development, bringing in the tourist $’s to keep our local businesses going & protecting our environment, flora & fauna.

I love Bribie.

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