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Today’s the day for a picnic

2020 has taken a turn that none of us could have ever expected. In light of the global health pandemic, most of Australia and the world has been locked up inside. We have endeavoured to find different forms of entertainments, as we stayed home in a continued effort to flatten the curve. And whilst it is not time to become complacent, we have seen much success from our swift reactions. Around a week ago we were delivered the news that restrictions had begun to lighten. Whilst we are still required to socially distance ourselves, Australians have been encouraged to get some fresh air and enjoy a picnic. This time last year the freedom to have a picnic is one that would have been taken for granted. With international picnic day fast approaching, on July 18th, it provides us with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the lovely surrounds of Bribie Island. Furthermore, our newly founded ‘freedom’ gives us yet another opportunity to support local businesses who are struggling during this difficult time. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by a number of local businesses, who provide beautiful food. With cafes and restaurants offering takeaway services, it makes having a picnic all that easier, whilst assisting those facing future economic hardships. It is through times of crisis that we must acknowledge our lucky circumstances, our lovely country, and environment. It is only through our continued support that we are able to provide businesses with the stability they so greatly need and convey our gratitude to those sacrificing their time, and in some cases health, to finding a way out. Whilst everyone is encouraged to get outside, exercise and layout a picnic rug- it remains incredibly important that we continue to socially distance for the sake of our dedicated healthcare workers. We may be able to enjoy the sun, but there are still many nurses, doctors, specialist and scientists who are working tirelessly to create a vaccination and ensure the health of citizens across Australia. Now comes the recovery, where we support out local businesses, spread awareness on social media and encourage community spirit. Never has the 18th of July been so important to rebuilding morale and hope within society. So, pack up some sandwiches, a blanket, hand sanitiser and prepare to enjoy a change of scenery as we once again begin to enjoy the beautiful Bribie Island.

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