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Local business owners have raised serious concerns about the length of time that a planned streetscape upgrade will take.

With the release and distribution of Concept Plans for the Biggs Ave, Beachmere Streetscape local business owners are concerned about a decrease in trade caused by reduced customer access to their businesses.

The work is “scheduled” to take four months with construction to commence in early 2021. Councillor for Division 2, Mark Booth, touted that the work would:

“create a shared zone, reduce speed limits, protect existing trees, incorporate new planting and upgrade street drainage. The outcome will provide a safer, more vibrant, better connected environment for residents and visitors to Beachmere!”

While locals were urged to “vote” on their choice of colour and design, business owners advised that they have received no notification of works and the lengthy time that the work would take, or if any consideration was being made to compensate them for loss of business.

Locals agree that some action needs to take place to reduce the speed of vehicles in the area and offer some increased safety to the pedestrians. Signage declaring reduced traffic speed and road markings have made little difference to the speed of vehicles travelling in the area.

With the downturn of business in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions, business owners are not happy with at least another four months of diminished trade caused by decreased access to their businesses, noisy construction and increased levels of dust and reduced customer parking.

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