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Labor raises the risks for Queensland volunteers

Volunteers in Queensland’s charities and not-for-profit organisations will now have to deal with more red-tape and face tougher laws than corporate directors under new laws passed recently by the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

Clause 31 of the Associations Incorporation Bill means Queenslanders who lead voluntary organisations will now face similar onerous insolvency obligations as corporate directors – but without any of the defences. 

“This over-the-top regulation from the Palaszczuk Labor Government will impact on local volunteers in Pumicestone,” LNP Candidate for Pumicestone Fiona Gaske said.

“Labor likes to tie Queensland businesses up in red-tape and now they’re doing the same to our community charities.

“We should be encouraging Queenslanders who want to give their time to help their communities and people in need but these new Labor laws will have the opposite effect”.  

The legislation puts volunteers in the same legal bracket as corporate bosses – but without any help to guide them.

“These senseless changes leave Queensland’s army of volunteers exposed to the threat of future prosecutions but without corporate lawyers and highly paid advisors to support them,” Ms Gaske said. 

The Palaszczuk Labor Government introduced a ‘guillotine’ to pass the Bill after just two hours’ debate in Parliament. 

Clause 31 stipulates that the officers of incorporated associations could face a fine of up to $8,007 if they fail to prevent insolvent trading. 

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