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  The Management Committee of U3A made decision three months ago, on March 16th, to immediately stop all classes and close the facility.

It was a sad day  for the 150 different weekly classes and almost 2000 students who attend them.

The wide range of U3A classes play a big role in the lives of so many people, who learn new things and enjoy regular social contact.

The early shutdown decision was made in view of the high risk age category of the membership..

Following that early decision, both the Federal and State Governments made series of restrictive decisions, together with Queensland Health and our own MBRC Council, that justified the U3A decision.

The Bribie community has made significant adjustments to personal, social and business lifestyle over the last three months.


Social restrictions are now being slowly lifted, but it is likely to be a long process, and risk for “Seniors” will remain high as travel and movement increase.

The U3A Management Committee have decided to remain closed for the whole of Term 3.

It is just not possible to maintain the procedures required with the large student numbers involved.

Further decision on the possible reopening for Term 4, which is scheduled to commence on October 4th ,will be made in due course and in the light of developments.

Scheduled annual events have also been cancelled , including the U3A Players drama performances, the combined classes Art Exhibition, and all Theatre Group trips have been cancelled for the rest of the year. Major maintenance work by Council will be carried out in the Hall and entrance foyer during the shutdown, and Solar Panels will be fitted .

Some of the regular weekly classes may be conducted by their Tutors in suitable off-site locations. Individual Tutors will communicate directly with their class members if appropriate.

A monthly Newsletter is being produced to maintains contact with everyone, and is being sent out by email. Personal deliveries of paper copies will be made to those who don’t have email.

Further information and updates are posted on the U3A web site

The U3A office and premises will remain closed until further notice, but brief contact and communication can be made by email to

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