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Art Imitates Life on Woorim Dog Beach

By Belinda Ferguson

One of my favourite things to do on Bribie Island is to head with my dogs to Woorim Dog Beach for a lovely walk along the beach and to watch the early morning sunrise over Moreton Island.

This is a local beach at the southern end of the island where you can take your dogs freely off-leash. Your canine companions can socialise, swim, chase waves and sniff to their hearts’ content. You’re almost guaranteed to see dolphins chasing fish along the shoreline. You’ll see turtle tracks where they have come back to Bribie to lay their eggs. Kangaroos are often seen on the beach too.

Throughout winter our local fishers will be seen out catching mullet. You might even be able to grab a freshly-caught mullet right off the beach.

Apart from these joys of nature, what makes the walk along the beach even more special is that you can now grab a coffee or milkshake at Woorim Dog Beach entrance, where the ‘Move It, Move It Mobile Coffee Van’, offers a wide range of human and doggie treats. It’s quickly become a welcome refreshment stop for walkers, tourists and day visitors as well as the locals, who can socialise and catch up every weekend with their pets and enjoy a walk along the beach.

One of the many Move It, Move It regulars, local artist Carl Elliot, has painted a wonderful caricature of a typical gathering at the van, which he presented as a gift to owner/operators Kelly Bartonkova and Lance Rudd.

But wait, there’s more!

When it comes to outdoor activities Bribie Island has a lot more to offer. Being only about an hour away from Brisbane, it’s now becoming a popular place to visit, for many reasons.

There’s the Passage with plenty of water activities, many types of boats, from tinnies to yachts and catamarans, plenty of cafes and restaurants with views over to the mainland. And for many of us lucky locals there’s no other place close to Brisbane where the sunsets are so consistently incredible.

Bribie Island and the surrounding area is home to many talented people; it’s a community full of individuals who volunteer their time generously, making our whole region a much better place. Get out and about and enjoy every thing we have to offer.

We’ve been extremely lucky here and have done incredibly well keeping the COVID 19 virus at bay. Let’s ensure this is continued

Move It, Move It Mobile Coffee Van is at Woorim Dog Beach entrance every weekend. Check their location on our Meander Map.

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