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Avondale Opens New Diversified Business at Banksia

Avondale Meats has become a favourite for customers at Bongaree over the past few years located right next to Woolworths, offering top quality meats in a convenient location at Bribie Island Shopping Centre on Goodwin Drive. Their offerings include gourmet sausages and top quality cuts of meat that put the big food chains to shame. Pet owners can get great supplies of bones for the dog as well, saving a trip.

Off the back of this success, proprietors Greg and Wendy Farmer have invested further into our community opening a second shop at Bribie Harbour Shopping Village on the 17th February 2021, based on community support. Their unique business knowledge provides a diversified food and beverage offering at this new location. Bribie is crying out for this range of goodies at a one stop shop and here it is, starting now.

To mark the occasion the LOCAL News, Island and Surrounds was at the opening to see this event and find out more about the new shop and provide the background on this successful local business.

We asked Greg about his business history and background and he responded:


I started this business because I know meat – bloody good meat – and I wanted the opportunity to showcase a great range to our customers. Not only raw product, but prepared meals that make feeding the family a little bit easier when time is short…and we all agree, most of us are busier and more time poor than ever.

With over 40 years’ experience in the business covering abattoirs, livestock buying & wool classing, I have a great insight into what makes a good butcher…and I’m proud to use my knowledge to make your customer experience a memorable one.

Our company is 100% Australian owned and we source and supply 100% Australian grown meat.

We have a great team of butchers waiting to recommend the best cut of meat for your needs or to give you advice on smoking that brisket or cooking that roast…don’t be afraid to ask and thank you for choosing Avondale Meats as your local butcher."

The services now offered in the new store include:

You can order online through the store, send them an email at or call them on 0480 259 673 before 11am for same day delivery. In addition to the butcher shop, the unique products offered at the new shop include:

  • Jack’s Creek meat products including Wagu and Angus

  • Lilydale Free Range Chicken products

  • Delicatessen meats and accompaniments

  • Olive oils

  • Cooking stock

  • Smokehouse – cooking their own ham, bacon (sliced as thick as you like),

  • Ribs (pork & beef), brisket, pulled pork – Thursday/Friday nights cooked for takeaway only and

  • Seasonal ready to cook meals such as chicken enchiladas and chicken mignons.

Wendy and Greg’s business vision for the new shop is that they want customers to feel welcome and enjoy a unique experience when they walk in – sight of the products, smell of cooking products, tasting samples when available, asking the butcher for tips. “We are bringing foods of the world to Bribie”, they said.

This new shop differs from many other shops due to the range of products, excellent customer service and knowledgeable and friendly staff. Once you visit you will be drawn back to this unique offering.

Greg and Wendy came to Bribie in November 2018 and took over the existing shop in the Bribie Island Shopping Centre. They recently decided that a retail store in Banksia Beach was an opportunity to extend their range of products to a wider customer base. Offering traditional retail butchering – with a fresh new approach.

Their future personal and professional plans on Bribie include getting time off to enjoy and explore Bribie as they currently work 7 days a week. They would also like to employ more locals so they can partially remove themselves from the business and oversee/manage it better.

We asked Greg and Wendy for any funny stories about their business experience or customers and they regaled us with a few tales including:

~ The man who came and asked if we sold meat tenderiser because the steak he buys from the supermarket is always tough. Butcher’s response – no mate we don’t sell tenderiser but we sell bloody good meat that won’t need tenderiser.

~ The lady who asked what % of chicken was in our chicken schnitzels…young butcher thought this was a trick question…well he said ‘It’s all chicken – free range chicken – with egg wash and crumbs’, so I guess it’s 95% chicken.  The lady said the chicken schnitzels being sold in the supermarket listed chicken as 65%...why would that be she asked?

~ Lady purchased a boneless lamb leg and said to the butcher ‘this better be tender’ – butcher replied ‘can you cook’? She said ‘no’ – Butcher ‘ well, what can I say’.

Greg and Wendy are locals and live in Bongaree, employ local people and support and supply other local businesses. They are active in the Chamber of Commerce and other business networking groups on the island.

Bribie Island is currently entering a period of growth as can be seen by real estate sales recently and this type of new business is crucial to making the Bribie lifestyle a reality for new and old residents. We are confident that locals will support the new shop and the existing butcher shop business which provides great quality at a reasonable price.

The Bribie Harbour Shopping Centre is entering a period of renewal as well, with a new florist and discount chemist as well as Woolworths and existing bakeries, eateries, restaurant, bottle shop and hairdressers.

So whether you shop at Bongaree or Banksia, Avondale Meats has you covered. Stop in for a coffee and check out the range at the new premises at Bribie Harbour Shopping Village, Shop 13, 25 Sunderland Drive Banksia Beach. 

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