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Beachmere’s Water Tower “Launched”

Beachmere’s water tower was “launched” in style recently with Jana Dore from Unitywater and Mark Booth, Councillor for Division 2 joining the community to celebrate.

The team from Brightsiders, Steve and Jordan, painted the water tower and said it was the community support that made the Beachmere tower so special.

“A big thank you to all the Beachmere residents who cheered us on during this great project. All the encouragement helped us create the best artwork that we could. It takes a lot of energy to work on that level, all of the encouragement makes it that little bit easier”, they said.

The beautification of the water tower was just one of the commemorative items that the Beachmere Sesquicentenary Committee worked on for the community. A quilt, mosaic pots and a lectern are all reminders of Beachmere’s Sesquicentenary Celebrations with, perhaps, the water tower being the biggest and most visible.


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