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Let’s talk about boat trailers. They are often the neglected part of many boating rigs, so here are a few trailer tips.

  • While the trailer is on the ground, give the wheels a good shake and look for any movement. Loosen and retighten the wheel nuts one at a time to make sure they are not seized.

  • Jack the trailer up and spin the wheels if they spin smoothly and quietly all good. However, if you hear any grumbling bearing noises it’s time for new bearings. Replacing a seized wheel nut or faulty bearing in your garage may be a nuisance, but on the side of the road it could be a very expensive tow truck journey.

  • Importantly, always carry a spare wheel and suitable wheel brace and jack. The one supplied with your car may not fit your trailer.

  • Check your tyre pressures. A semi deflated tyre will build up a lot of heat and may cause a blowout.

  • Check all your trailer lights are in good working order.

  • Put a little grease on your trailer coupling.

  • Check your winch wire cable or strap for any signs of wear and tear. Always stand to the side of the winch when putting the boat on the trailer. If the winch cable snaps and flies back it could result in serious injury.

  • Fitting your trailer with a motor support bracket is always a good idea, it saves damage to the transom of your boat and the engine mounts on your outboard from road shock by allowing the load to be taken by the trailer.

  • Check your tie downs and safety chains on boat and trailer.

With a bit of basic maintenance your next trip should be a happy and safe one.

Safe Boating

Roger Brown

Brisbane Boat Buyers


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