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Boating Tips

Flushing your outboard or stern drive with fresh water will extend its working life and greatly reduce maintenance costs.

It is essential that you purchase the right type and size flushing muffs or flushing attachment for your motor. It is very important they fit correctly to avoid water pump damage. Your local marine dealer will recommend the right type for your motor. It's always a good idea to give your motor a run on the flusher before heading off to the boat ramp. NEVER DRY START YOUR MOTOR.

  • Fit the flushing muff.

  • Turn the tap on fully.

  • Use the shortest possible length of hose to assure maximum water pressure. This is very important on large horsepower engines.

  • Let the water run for a couple of minutes before starting the engine.

  • After engine start, the water pump tell-tale should be visible about 20 seconds or so after starting. If it’s not, shut the engine off.

The two issues are: 1. The flushing muffs not seated correctly over the water pump inlets. 2. The tell-tale is blocked.

Restart the motor and insert a cleaner into the tell-tale (whipper snipper cord is ideal). This should clear the tell-tale. If not, you are off to your marine mechanic.

After your day out on the water the flushing procedure is the same, except run the engine on a fast idle for 7-10 minutes to get as much salt out as possible.

Most importantly

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ENGINE UNATTENDED WHILE RUNNING. If the muffs slide off or a hose fitting bursts, the results will be water pump damage or engine failure due to overheating. Either way, it will be a very expensive repair.

Remember to check all your safety gear, expiry dates on flares, EPIRBs, spare torch batteries, condition of life jackets etc.



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