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Boating Tips Let’s talk cartop tinnies

In recent years Australians have been exploring this great country in ever increasing numbers, sales of caravans, camper trailers, motor homes etc have soared along with cartopper style lightweight boating packages.

When buying a cartopper tinnie many people go for too large a boat and motor which becomes difficult to load and unload so best to keep it manageable. The ideal size is about 3.2-3.6metres giving you enough room for a few crab pots etc and still only weighing 55kgs. 

When choosing which size outboard there are a few things you need to consider. If fishing in dams or enclosed water ways a 2.5hp or up to a 4hp would be ideal. If the engine is up to and including 4hp it does not require registration in Queensland. If you want a bit more horsepower I would suggest a 6hp which would require the vessel to be registered. In Queensland if the engine is up to and including 6hp no license is required.

The following weights are based on a Stacer 3.6 Skimma tinnie and Yamaha 4 stroke outboard motor.

Vessel - 55kgs

2.5hp - 17kg 

4hp - 27kgs 

6hp - 27kgs 

8hp - 41kgs

These weights are a guide only and vary from brand to brand.

The advantage of the 6hp is that you get an extra 50% in horsepower over the 4hp for no increase in size or weight.

There are a large range of boat loaders, fold-up trailers etc, available to make boating easier. To keep it simple and manageable a pair of clamps on dinghy wheels in recommended. These simply clamp onto the lower chine rails and gunnel top. You position them on the point of balance so you can easily walk the boat to the water without having to lift any weight. A fold-up outboard motor trolley will make transporting, storing and flushing your motor much easier. Your local marine dealer has the experience to set you on the right track for all your boating needs.

Check all your safety gear, life jackets, anchors, flares, EPIRB etc.

Remember as the master of the vessel YOU are responsible for the safety of everyone on board.



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