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Bribie Island and Surrounds – Andrew Powell MP

More and more locals are telling me they’re feeling the cost of living pinch.

Groceries are more expensive; mortgage repayments and rents have jumped and fuel seems to be more expensive every time you fill up.

What you don’t need is a government piling on additional costs to make it even harder to make ends meet. But the Palaszczuk Government is doing exactly that. Did you know, since 2015:

  • Car rego is up 28% - even the cost to register a 5m tinnie is up 25%;

  • Driver licences are up 25%; and

  • Power prices up 162%.

These are all costs controlled by the state government and the jump in these costs is directly impacting your hip pocket.

Why are they going up so much? Well did you know, this Palaszczuk Government has racked up a $10 billion bill for project blowouts (no, that’s not the cost of projects – that’s just how much they’ve gone over-budget).

And that doesn’t include the now infamous Wellcamp, a facility that cost you, the Queensland taxpayer, $500,000 for each and every day it sat idle. And the government has just handed back the keys, we don’t even own it. In fact, we have nothing to show for the $223.5 million spent on it.

So, what does the LNP want to do about it?

The LNP is committed to putting a stop to skyrocketing state government bills. We’ll deliver:

  • Reliable, affordable and sustainable power.

  • Affordable car rego and licences.

  • Ease the housing crisis to bring down rent costs; and

  • Put a stop to the government budget blowouts and the chaos and crisis.

We know every dollar extra you spend on state government cost increases is a dollar you can’t spend on your own weekly budget. No one should have to make the choice between feeding their family and paying their car rego.

Queenslanders can’t afford that. Queenslanders deserve better.

Similarly, Queenslanders are finding it harder and harder to keep a roof over their heads thanks to an unprecedented housing crisis affecting families across our state.

We have had eight years of underinvestment in infrastructure that would have opened up new opportunities for young people to get into the housing market and either buy their first home or find a suitable rental.

The LNP is determined to put forward positive solutions to do something about this.

The only way to fix Queensland’s housing crisis is to build more homes and increase housing supply over the short, medium and long terms. But the chaotic approach of the Palaszczuk Government on housing policy has resulted in an abysmal record at doing just that.

Between 2015 and the most recent data of September 2022, residential building approvals fell by 33% across the state.

This means there are nearly 60,000 less homes available for Queensland families than if the Palaszczuk Government kept pace with 2015 approval numbers.

As a result, the predictable housing crush has seen rents rise to alarming levels, while the waiting list for social housing has grown by more than 70% over the past two years.

There are nearly 50,000 Queenslanders currently on the social housing waiting list. It was under 20,000 in 2015. Yet, across the last five years, the state government has only been able to increase the number of social houses by less than 2%.

Our solutions to help ease the housing crisis is to:

  • Deliver more residential lots (and therefore more homes) by working closely with local councils to identify areas for targeted and responsible development and build the necessary supporting infrastructure for these communities to grow and thrive. 

  • Unlock the Community Housing sector in Queensland. These organisations are ready made to help house the vulnerable, but have their hands tied behind their back due to the current policy settings of the Labor government. 

  • Plan appropriately for the delivery of social housing, so the supply of social housing is able to meet demand. 

Queenslanders have had enough of the crisis and chaos of the Palaszczuk Government, a government that has jumped from scandal to scandal, from blowout to blowout, from service failure to service failure.

At the next state election, the Palaszczuk Government expects Queenslanders to look the other way and reward their 10 years of failures with another four years in charge of Queensland.

None of us can afford that.

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