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Bribie Radio Controlled Yachts

Bribie Radio Controlled Yachts 

Radio sailing wrap up for January 

Dragon Force Model 65 (DF65) Racing 


Report for January 7, 2024 An exciting afternoon on the water with quite fresh winds at 20+ Kts from the southeast. Very little surface weed. Overcast, but no rain, with 11 races completed. 

Place  Sail Number Name            Score         New Handicap 

1.    48                             Roy                 17                50 

2.  23                             John               18               30 

3.  92                             Wally             21                80 


Report for January 14, 2024 

Five sailors were treated to a very good and reliable wind this afternoon, allowing the full card of 12 races to be completed. Weed becoming a problem, particularly sub-surface. 


Place     Sail Number Name Score      New Handicap 

1.                   248 (*)                     Ken                13             40 

2.                  23                             John               23             30 

3.                  48                             Roy                28             50 

            (*Loan boat) 


Report for January 21, 2024 

A very hot day (33.5 degrees Celsius), with little N - NE wind to speak of, presented our five sailors with some challenging times on the water today. 

Weed was a serious hazard, with the rescue craft being called upon twice today. 


Position           Sail Number           Name            Score       New Handicap 

1.                       14                             Ken              16              50                            

(Declared first after countback of second place positions) 

2.                      92                             Wally             16                70 

3.                      48                              Roy                17                50 


No report for January 28. Cancelled due to severe weather. 


For more information, please phone the co-ordinator on 0432 151 143, or email:

Also join our new Facebook page, Bribie Radio Controlled Yachts. Anyone can join and post. Please keep posts to anything involving radio-controlled yachting, buying, selling and tips. 


We sail on Thursday and Sunday afternoons at 1PM, Sandstone Lake, Treefrog Street at the recreation pergola. 

Thursday is an open event, any class of boat. The afternoon is used to test boats, discuss tuning tips etc. Sunday is for DF65’s only and races are conducted in accordance with accepted sailing rules. Scores are recorded and handicaps calculated.  


This is a very inexpensive hobby, but if you are interested we have a loan yacht that can be used on Thursday afternoons. 


Hope to see you on the water. 


Barry - Recording Officer 

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