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Bribie Radio Controlled Yachts Radio sailing wrap up for March 2024 Dragon Force Model 65 (DF65) Racing

Results for March 

March 3: Seven sailors competed in probably the worst weed conditions yet encountered on Sandstone Lake. Most had weed entrapment at least once which led to some frustration. 

A hot and humid temperature (31.5 degrees C), with E-SE winds varying from 1 to something around 5 knots did not help the score sheet. However, 11 races were completed. 

Place         Sail Number         Name            Score        New Handicap 

1. 92           Wally       22              60 

2. 94       Ian         24                0 

3. 14      Ken                25              60 


March 10: Four intrepid sailors braved the horrid conditions at the lake this afternoon. Moderate to severe winds and squally rain saw the meet abandoned after only four races. 


Place         Sail Number         Name            Score        New Handicap 

1.  48          Roy                4               40 

2. 75          Jock                6               10 

3. 76          Darryl             7              0 


March 17: Seven Sailors today. Wind 5 knots from the east until 2pm, then from the southwest at 10 knots. 

Partly cloudy skies with a shower or two. Weed problem is now severe. 10 races completed. 

Place         Sail Number         Name            Score        New Handicap 

1 14      Ken       25    60 

2. 92      Wally      29    50 

3. 75      Jock      31     10 


Results for March 24 and 31 unavailable. 


For more information, please phone the coordinator on 0432 151 143, or email:

Jock won the monthly total ‘wins medal’ for the second time. This was presented at a barbecue at the lake on the first sailing day of the month – April 7. Well done Jock! 


Everyone is welcome to come and have a look at the sailing on a Thursday (informal racing) or Sunday afternoon at 1pm. We also have a Facebook page open to all - Bribie Radio Controlled Yachts. 


The sailing group has been invited to mount a static display at the Classic Boats Regatta on Sunday May 26 at Sylvan Beach. Come along and enjoy the day. There will be lots to see and do.  

Until next month. Barry - Recording Officer


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