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Christmas In July: The Importance of Giving

By Amelia Strazdins

Christmas in July? This superfluous ‘celebration’ is one that seemingly takes the retail world by storm. For us as Australians it seems to be an opportunity to celebrate the white Christmas we see in films but never experience. However, when taking a closer look, it appears to be a money grab from corporations and, ultimately, unnecessary.

In times when people around the world are still struggling to access clean water, are trying to cope with the unforeseen circumstances arising from the pandemic and cannot afford basic necessities, it seems tone deaf to embrace such an event. Many within our own country are still trying to gain employment after being made redundant. It is in times such as these that we must make a conscious effort to think past ourselves and consider the implications such actions can have on others.

Rather than spending money on needless ‘festivities’ we should consider the positive impact that we can endeavour to achieve. Rather than spending money on sales, think about the change that money can accomplish when given to a charity of your choice, whether that be a women’s shelter or a charity to help those struggling with housing. Consider what you are passionate about; all around the world there are organisations and individuals dedicating themselves to bettering the environment, human rights and overall quality of life.

In opening our eyes to this issue, we allow ourselves the opportunity to expand our horizons and help - no matter how small that contribution may be. Over the past year we have seen changes and events occur that were almost unbelievable. As we begin to slowly emerge from total lockdowns, this freedom and new way of life brings with it a significant shift in perspective and view. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that without cooperation we face innumerable challenges.

This may seem an extreme ‘take’ on a harmless ‘celebration’ but it’s simply a plea for society to recognise that there is power and possibility in working together. Perhaps we should celebrate Christmas in July, but not in the traditional sense. We should be celebrating the ideals we all love and cherish about that holiday season: giving, loving and unity. But, more importantly, it is vital to remember that we do not need an event or a date in order to give. These acts of compassion are what give people hope and will be the foundations upon which we base our world after the pandemic.

So, as the world begins to awaken again and emerge from trying times, we must remember that there are many still struggling, many who still need our support.


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