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Classic boats everywhere

By Alistair Gray

Looking across to the Glass House Mountains,are some of the many classic crafts gathered in front of the beach.What a couple of incredible days. There were boats everywhere, of all shapes and sizes, some with sails, many withinboardmotors, even a steam engine.Big crowds turned out as they hugged the water’sedge,looking for a prime view of the extensive array of classic boats as they paraded beforethe eager onlookers. The Bribie Island Classic Boats Regatta has come of age as it celebrates its 25thanniversary signature event. Held over two days, starting with a member'sdinner on Friday night, a sail to Toorbul for lunchon Saturday morning and combined with the local Toorbul markets and an open day for the local fireys,broughtmuch joy and excitement to the town. On Saturday afternoon,many of the larger boats couldbe seen close-up at the Pacific Harbour Marina with a walk around the classic boats, along with other displays from small boat builders, model boats and a fewbeautifully polished speed boats sitting proudly on their trailers for all to admire.Then,on Sunday morning, there wasthe grand parade of all the classic craft. Also presentwas a large turnout of outrigger canoes, some from visiting clubs,

  1. with many of the paddlers in their bright pink outfits making a mark on the event. Along the shorelineweremany maritime displays, more model boats, BIEPA(Bribie Island Environmental Protection Association)providing information to support our pristine environment, food stalls and a magnificent display of classic cars, which garnered interest. Congratulations must go to Doug Wilson and the team of volunteers from BACE (Bribie Aquatic Community Events), who yet again put on another Bribie Island ‘Signature Event’for us all to be very proud of. "The regatta was highly successful. There were 88 boats registered for the event, with entries coming from all over Queensland,” Doug said. Aftermany years of organising the regatta, Doug, who recently turned 80and his wife Cecilia have decided to step down from the organising committee and let others take on the role. Thank you, Doug and Cecilia, for all your years of hard work and contribution to our community


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