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Colourful mural captures attention

No longer an eyesore, the shipping containers sitting on the edge of the Sandstone Point Hotel grounds now feature a bit more colour to brighten up the landscape as you drive past. With pelicans, a kangaroo, seagulls, a jetty and other aspects of the beach, the mural captures the beauty of Bribie perfectly and certainly makes the 10 shipping containers disappear from sight.

The artwork, masterfully crafted by renowned Brisbane-based artist Travis Vinson, known as DRAPL, is already promising to be a stunning addition to the Sandstone Point landscape. Locals and visitors to the Island have already noticed the colourful new addition with some taking to community Facebook pages to share their thoughts. “Beautiful”, “stunning”, “Such a talented artist. It’s so nice to see these just before crossing the bridge to Bribie”, “What a colourful entry to Bribie, so beautifully painted”, and “A wonderful welcome for everyone”.

Inspired by Vinson’s remarkable portfolio, which has left its mark across Australia, Comiskey Group Director David Comiskey saw an opportunity to infuse the hotel’s surroundings with a piece that captures the essence of Bribie Island’s natural allure.

“We were captivated by DRAPL’s exceptional talent and vision,” he said. “His work deeply resonates with communities and we wanted to bring that compelling spirit to Sandstone Point. The mural will serve as a spectacular welcome to all visitors, showcasing the beauty and vibrancy of Bribie Island.”

Sandstone Point Hotel welcomes everyone to see the mural in all its glory, inviting locals and tourists to experience the very soul of Bribie Island through the eyes of this exceptionally talented artist.

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