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Councillor Brooke Savige to stand for council re-election

By Alistair Gray 

"I have enjoyed a fantastic eight years serving our community with many achievements and I’m looking forward to a further exciting four years ahead,” Councillor Brooke Savige said.  

I was lucky to be able to catch Brooke briefly on the phone. It was one of those mornings, pouring rain, Bribie Island Road was closed and it was all action.  

For Brooke, it was only two days before her formal announcement that she was standing again for council in Division One.  

Nothing is ever dull in the life of a councillor, especially one with Brooke’s qualities as she serves our community superbly. She is everywhere, helping everyone, opening doors, offering advice, making speeches and fighting for our community and environment. This makes for a challenging life with her husband and two young children, along with the endless public demands and high visibility through social media. This Brooke takes in her stride with ease, like the true professional that she is.  

I asked her the key things she wished to achieve in the next four years. Brooke said she wanted to continue delivering positive outcomes for our community and to support the development of the Discovery Centre in conjunction with BIEPA, which is a priority issue for her. She also wants to work closely with the community to understand their wants and needs around the challenges of increasing visitor numbers to Bribie over the next two, five and 10 years. The increasing numbers are inevitable and how we manage that is an important issue for us all to consider as a community.  

Thank you Brooke Savige, for the fabulous service you give our community.  We appreciate you. 

Council elections are on March 16, 2024. Ensure you put that date in your diary and don’t miss the chance to vote. 


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