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Cranky Lizard speaks

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

When the Barbarians are at the Gates: Toxic Masculinity is welcome….

And so, the priorities of this weird world of Western Democracies are challenged.

The lollipops can lay about in their lounge rooms and watch an invading force blow women and children to pieces, smash houses and apartment blocks with precision-guided missiles on the basis that they are (possibly) military targets! They can watch shuddering lines of tanks and APCs rumble along the country roads of Ukraine, driven by Russian teenagers, who are looking for "drug-addicted Nazis making nuclear weapons."

Cranky Lizard can tell you, as if you did not know, that the teenage tankers have not found any "drug-addicted Nazis making nuclear weapons" yet. And they won't find them because they are not there.

But, they found something that they did not expect

They found people, young, old, male, female, who were prepared to fight. To fight like demons possessed, to protect their homes, their farms, their villages, their lifestyle and their heritage.

And, the teenage tankers are not doing so well in the face of this determination. The Ukrainian Government issued an order that all males between the age of 18 to 60 years, or thereabouts, were banned from leaving the country and were to report to military centres where they were absorbed into the Ukrainian military and given orders to fight like hell for their country.

And, they have done, and are doing that! In doing so they have gathered the respect of much of the people of the globe, who cannot and will not accept that it is OK to roll into another country and smash it and its people to pieces.

This is simply because of the deluded ego of a megalomaniac who has concluded that he can do all this without too much pain. His name is Vladimir Putin. You all know of him; never forget him. Remember him for what he is – a murdering, deluded thug!

Simply because no one has challenged him over the past 20 years, he has developed an overwhelming military force, which will probably prevail in Ukraine even though they shall wade to their hollow victory through fields of human blood and shattered limbs.

We shall watch this with growing anger and frustration

Maybe we can take some vicarious pleasure in watching the financial castles crumble - and they shall.

We can also remember the pathetic, mindless, gutless performance of nation-states such as Syria, Ethiopia, North Korea and a gaggle of other Russian geese as they voted to support this murdering thug. Mind you, they did not have much choice. They have been supping with the devil using short spoons for many years.

Another scenario is playing out among all of this heroism, sacrifice, head-shaking bravery, and national commitment! Around the sandstone campuses of Australian Universities, in the mansions in the hills surrounding Hollywood, in the studios of the major media fabrication outlets and in the minds of the “Twitterati” the desperate battle to remain diversified, liquified, woke, squalified, relevant and credible wobbles on…

This mob simply cannot comprehend that nations, communities, cities and villages under threat from armoured invasion reach out to men to form the basis of their fight to defend their homes and cities.

They are not able to grasp the fact that toxic masculinity has a purpose and a place. You do not send pansies out to fight armoured columns – you send men!

This is a short version of Cranky Lizard because, as you have probably noticed, Cranky Lizard is a little bit angry about all of this, and it is likely Cranky Lizard will have to take action against the threatening tirade of verbal assaults being assembled in Cranky Lizard's quiver.

In other words, Cranky Lizard will have to sue Cranky Lizard for something !!

Nothing written here is designed to be pejorative towards the role of women in war; their courageous stories are legion and are being duplicated in Ukraine; but it is men who have copped this woke nonsense for too long.

Enjoy your days and be grateful that we still have men at the gates…


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