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Cranky Lizard speaks… April 2021

Updated: Sep 20, 2022


Cranky Lizard has been writing about politics and current affairs for a number of years.

Obviously, and purposefully, Cranky Lizards sets out to ruffle the feathers of the preening bureaucrats, the pompous little zealots who hide behind badges and rule books, wherever they are, the mindless zombies of the mob, as they glue themselves to our roads and chant their empty nonsense on the streets of our major cities – "Whadda we want? – everythink, when do we whan it ? Now.", and, of course, the grey men and women of the corporate lodges and government buildings who live off the fat of the land – they take up our space, they breathe our air and put nothing back.

They are the actual oxygen thieves.

If you like, Cranky Lizard throws the spears that are designed to burst the bubbles of these particular groups with the sole purpose of reminding them that they are not unique, that they are not privileged, they are not super egos. They are not above the law or community moral judgement.

You may ask why Cranky Lizard does this? Fair question. Cranky Lizard has just been around Governments and Corporate structures at the right levels for long enough to recognize BS when it appears and is fortunate enough to be able to expose for what it is.

You can be sure that it never, ever hurts anyone anywhere to have shonky operators, incompetent corporations or plain, flat out bull shit exposed in our public lives.

Cranky Lizard has recently written some articles which refer to Australian Aboriginal people and the manner in which their stories are told.

These articles have attracted suggestions of racism on behalf of Cranky Lizard.

The finger-pointing of 'racism 'was boringly predictable simply because most proponents of the 'black arm band' history of Aboriginal people in this country can only hurl insults and threats when you disagree with them because the facts and history deny their wilderness of lies.

Cranky Lizard lived and worked with Aboriginal people in Northern Australia for years, has tribal names and has shared stories, mysteries, miseries and triumphs with these dynamic, resilient people.

When Cranky Lizard speaks about them, Cranky Lizard speaks the truth.

Cranky Lizard also confesses to being a member of a large but secret society.

This is a society of writers and journalists who prefer facts over fantasy – who prefer non-fiction over fiction.


Who are pretty willing to express these facts and opinions publicly along with accepting the responsibility for the comments.

Cranky Lizard knows that this confession will shock some poor buggers! But that is life!

The media, print, electronic and social, form a massive part of our lives in the 21 st Century. Many people, not all, but many depend entirely on social contact, knowledge, entertainment and indeed, online purchasing on the constant availability of the internet and its associated technical vehicles.

Many say their lives depend on it…maybe so!

Cranky Lizard asks you to think about how many conversations you have with friends and family that are based upon material from the internet or social media?

You may be surprised at the answer.

Governments and multinational corporations rely heavily upon details of your habits and your life as you express yourself and conduct your business on the internet.

It is called the harvesting of mega data, and it is a massive business, absolutely enormous.

And, on that basis alone, Cranky Lizard reckons that demanding the truth of the written word in these forums is fundamental to how we conduct our personal and business lives.

Cranky Lizard knows that some of the organizations and people who feel the sting of the Lizard's tail get angry about that!


Cranky Lizard does not assume to have a mortgage on intelligence and is certainly not in a position to make moral judgements for anyone…but when nonsense appears, and Lord knows, it appears often enough, it needs to be called out.

If you make decisions about the things that you do, based upon information gained from social media and the internet, then it is axiomatic that you should be able to make those decisions based on facts, not speculation or advocacy.

Officials, now there is a word, often need a reminder that they are human, that they are not omnipotent and usually are not as important as they think they are.

Cranky Lizard can tell a tale about a man with a badge.

An old cattle farmer working on his property was approached by the local stock inspector, a man well known to be terribly officious.

He spoke to the cattleman :

"I am going to inspect the stockyards on your property."

The cattleman replied: "Sure, just be careful of this front paddock; there is a…………"

The Stock Inspector rudely interrupted the cattleman, holding up his badge and stating loudly:

"See this badge; I can go anywhere I want with this badge, anywhere I want; I don't need your permission to go anywhere, understand ? "

"Sure. "said the cattleman, "I was only trying to help."

"Don't need your help or permission. "said the Stock Inspector, who headed off through the front paddock.

It only took about 10 minutes.

There was loud shouting and yelling from the Stock Inspector, who was running fast sideways towards the railing fence, followed by a large angry black Angus bull.

The bull was gaining on the Stock Inspector, who yelled for the cattleman to help him….

The cattleman replied :

"Show him your badge, Mate, Show him your badge ! "

Cranky Lizard reckons that you can work out for yourself that the only moral to this story is not to think yourself too important.

Because somewhere in your life, there will be a black Angus bull waiting for you!

Cranky Lizard observes matters of ongoing community business on Bribie Island, and recently, a couple of echos have popped up on the radar.

Cranky Lizard wonders why there seems to be a large number of empty or half-empty buses driving about the Island?

The buses look pretty good, and the drivers are friendly, smiling and professional – there just does not seem to be too many people using the buses?


Rumblings of an early by-election will not go away, but Cranky Lizard can find no evidence to support such speculation, none at all.

Cranky Lizard reminds you all that Easter is a global Christian Festival and Holiday; take advantage of the local facilities and support your local small business operators on Bribie Island.

Enjoy your days – and remember the 800 + dead Australians in Victoria; they and their families will not be enjoying Easter.

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