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Cranky Lizard speaks… July 2021…

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Cranky Lizard does not have much to say about events in this Nation this month; except this…

  • The continuing media obsession with the cowardly allegations made against Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith VC is just bloody disgraceful.

  • Matters being heard in a Civil Court, regarding this highly decorated soldier, in Australia are also matters which may, or may not, result in these matters being tried in a criminal context, if, and when, the ADF Special Prosecutions Mob are ever able to collect sufficient prima facie evidence and cobble together some witnesses, who may or may not have heard or seen anything regarding these matters.

  • Logically, and in legal terms, logic is not really a good tree to lean against – justice and logic rarely coincide, but logically, if the civil case fails then the whole matter can run on because of the need for the evidence to be tried against a higher standard of certainty.

  • The man involved has had his personal life, his military life and personal dignity exposed and traduced by men and women who are not fit to walk in his footsteps in any forum.

  • Cranky Lizard asks where is the noise from the ex-service organisations that lazily bask, in the light of men and women of previous generations of veterans, who seem to have had higher standards of protecting their mates…Bruce Ruxton springs to Cranky Lizard’s angry mind.

  • Cranky Lizard knows, and many of you reading this will know, that battlefields are not places for bloody pansies: battlefields are places where human beings are asked to kill each other on behalf of their respective Governments. That’s the bloody deal!

  • The whole bizarre matter of the Australian Special Air Service in Afghanistan, the subsequent enquiries actions by various bodies, has become a gutless, media circus growing like a fungus in a grubby petri dish.

  • If these words of Cranky Lizard upset you, make you angry then bloody GOOD!

  • Pick up your phone, or crank up your email and tell your politician and the Australian Defence Force to STOP IT !

  • If you harbour some doubts about the ability of the Australian Defence Force planning departments, and their competence, remember this….

  • During World War II, the Nazis were able to build over 1100 ocean-going fighting submarines, as their factories were bombed around Europe – we – we- cannot build 10 submarines in over 15 years!

The whole episode is disgraceful, undignified and entirely disrespectful to every man and woman who has worn the uniform of Australian defence with pride, placed themselves in harm’s way and given their lives for this Nation.

Please do not forget the 800+ dead Victorians…their Government seems as if it wants to…

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