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December 2020. The end of a fairly shocking year…Hasta La Vista…2020!

On 01 January 2020, if someone had said to you that this year would be a year that will rip the fabric out of our lives and change the way we do things for a long time; if not forever, you could have been excused for not believing them.

But that is exactly what this year,2020, has done.

It has changed us…all of of us; forever.

Cranky Lizard can still look into your eyes and know that it is you; but we, you, all of us are different, and we know that.

Cranky Lizard lacks the arrogance to remind you all how easy it is to hand your destiny to some esoteric idea at the ballot box…

As the next four years unfold, there will be some who will pause to reflect upon their choice at the ballot box. But therein lies the essence of a constitutional democracy; we vote for whom we chose for reasons that work for ourselves, that is our right. We also have the responsibility [ because responsibilities travel right alongside rights ], to reflect upon our contribution to a political and economic mess if that is what grows from our choice.

Enough of that!

We have weathered a fierce social storm and, at last, Christmas 2020 is upon us, which is good.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth Jesus, in a manger, near Bethlehem in what is now the vibrant and robust nation-state of Israel.

It is an ageless story which captures many souls as we imagine the three wise men arriving at the manger bearing gifts for the newborn child, who, in the Christian Faith, is accepted as the Son of God.

It is a story of hope, goodwill and the infinite capacity of human beings to demonstrate the marvellous and vaulting ability to create kindness and charity in the world’s darkest moments.

Because men and women can do that. Yes. They can.

It is not the media stars, the celebrities, the loud empty vessels of the Twitterati or the prancing, flouncing, bulging-eyed activists of all the various ‘ woke ‘ nonsense that screeches out for your attention – no. It is not that mob!

It is the fathers and mothers, the young couples pursuing their destiny in the world and the senior Australians who have broad experience of life’s bastardry: they are the people who will deliver when the ‘ chips ‘ are down.

Cranky Lizard has seen, as you have, during the tense and challenging winter months just passed how vital the workers in retail, hospitality, cleaning and maintenance services are to our community.

Professionals such as health workers, nurses, doctors, Police, Ambulance and Firies always have our attention, and they have our gratitude as well.

Because of the quiet patience and determination of the above-named people and all the other citizens of this Nation; Australia has emerged from this pandemic a stronger sovereign state.

Quite clearly, it is not over yet. Still, Cranky Lizard is confident to say that this pandemic is under control and that we, as a nation, have developed systems, protocols and procedures which allow us to maintain that control.

Next will come the vaccine – it will be available for all, and Governments will decide the means of its distribution. There will be those who will not want to have a compulsory vaccination – they will need to clearly think about the consequences of that – because there will be consequences.

As usual, Cranky Lizard travels widely across Western Queensland for life and family-related reasons. Hours into a journey, along a remote Queensland road, Cranky Lizard’s attention was captured by the appearance, at a remote cattle station gate, of an old fuel barrel mounted on star piquets and ridden by a dusty Santa Claus. The Barrel rider was escorted by some equally dusty Christmas Fairys signalling that Father Christmas was indeed on his way along this road and that many young hearts will beat a little faster on Christmas Eve in those remote and lonely places.

Further along, on the same road, resting quietly on a fallen log, just inside the fence line, was a brightly coloured sleigh waiting for some reindeer…a reminder of some important work to be done!

Cranky Lizard loves Christmas! Loves the colours, red, green and white! Loves the Christmas Carols and the peace they bring!

It is a beautiful time of anticipation of good times to come and renewal of friendships and family links.

And, there is time for reflections upon friends and family who have been lost ; the enhancement of their memories.

Australian Christmas beetles with their shiny green and gold carapace will never be forgotten, if you happen to have an outside light that attracts them by the hundreds of thousands; they squish when you tread on them, and they can get into the most amazing places.

They too, are part of it all.

The Bongaree Hot Bread Shop.

Recently, Cranky Lizard paused for some coffee and a snack at this clever place on Bribie Island. Good coffee and good croissants – but – Cranky Lizard was lucky enough to be offered a free trial of their Christmas Cake, and the Cake Angels asked if Cranky Lizard could let them know what the cake was like?

Well, Cranky Lizard can say that the cake was bloody brilliant and if you are lucky enough to have some of this magnificent cake over Christmas you will know what Cranky Lizard means….it was bloody brilliant, and so were the Cake Angels!

Cranky Lizard rushes to point out that the Cake Angels had no idea they were giving cake to Cranky Lizard and they had no idea that Cranky Lizard was going to write about them.

But Hey !

Cranky Lizard reminds you all, as these days pass, that we are not living in a dress rehearsal – this is the real thing – this is the only life you are going to have.

Hug your loved ones, and enjoy your days.



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