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Fishing report

Hi everyone from Danny and Michelle at Island Fishing Supplies, Banksia Beach. 

Sandstone Point 

The summer whiting are still plentiful on the incoming tide at Sandstone Point, with bloodworms being the best bait. Also, some nice bream in the same area. 

Skirmish Point 

The school mackerel are starting to turn up. Anglers have been catching them on pilchards early in the morning. Also, some really big dart on bloodworms and yabbies. 

Woorim Beach 

Plenty of big bream on live worms and the odd school mackerel using metal slugs.   

Pacific Harbour canals 

Pacific Harbour canals have been firing really well with huge bream, mangrove jack, estuary cod and the odd barramundi

Avon Wreck 

Plentiful of flathead along the edges of the weed banks trolling shallow diving lures. Some very nice grunter bream in the same area. 


Numerous waterways line the southeast of Queensland, rivers, estuaries and salty lagoons are common. The Pumicestone Passage lends itself to a range of lure types and techniques that are fun to use and challenge our skills. Here are a few effective ways to lure in your local waterways. 

Casting Small Surface Lures   

When the prawns start running, anglers can enjoy excellent fishing using surface lures. Small poppers and stick baits work well on light gear. The Bassday Sugapen 70 is a popular version that works well on whiting and bream. A light spin outfit 2-5kg, light braid and a 1000–2500 size reel is ideal. 

Casting Small Crank Baits 

Small cranks include minnows, fat bodied and slim longer lures in the 35-110mm length. There are numerous options on the market and they are a fun way to take a variety of species. Carry a range that includes shallow, medium and deep divers. Use the same gear as small surface. Flathead, bream and trevally are all keen to smash a crank.   

Casting Soft Plastics 

Many anglers are familiar with soft plastic fishing. There are an almost infinite variety of colours and shapes imaginable. The key is to select a jig-head that suits the plastic and location for fishing. Tiny 50mm plastics are received well by bream. Bigger models are popular for working the drop offs and deeper holes for larger flathead, mulloway and mangrove jacks. Plastics work well with added scent that enhances their effectiveness.  

Enjoy your fishing and remember to only catch what you need! 

Danny and Michelle 


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