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Fishing Report

Greetings anglers! Danny and Michelle here from Island Fishing Supplies, serving Banksia Beach and Bellara with the latest updates on your favourite fishing spots. Let's dive into this month’s catch! 


🐟 Bream and grassy sweetlip enthusiasts, head to the northern end for prime action. Live bloodworms and squid are the bait of choice, yielding impressive hauls.  


🎣 Reel in some impressive snapper at the ripples, drifting with soft plastics also don't miss out on the excellent flathead action! 


🦐 Summer whiting and flathead enthusiasts, rejoice! The flats are teeming with them, particularly partial to yabbies and bloodworms.  


🌅 Early risers, set your alarms! Skirmish Point offers a few nice summer whiting during the morning hours on the incoming tide. And for those craving mackerel action, floating pilchards or metal slugs are your go-to strategies. 


🦑 As we transition into the upcoming months, anticipate a surge in squid and cuttlefish activity. These delightful creatures not only offer thrilling catches but also make prime bait for various fish species. Keep an eye out for tiger and arrow squid as water clarity improves in in-shore areas, particularly as we head towards winter. 


Seek out clear waters around structures like weed beds, rocks, jetties and pontoons. The prime fishing window typically spans an hour or two around high tide. Remember, even if they're not immediately visible, squid can often be lurking nearby. Optimal technique involves long casts around structures, allowing your jig to sink slowly to the bottom. Incorporate sharp lifts with the rod tip to entice strikes during the pause. 


For squid adventures, equip yourself with light spinning rods and reels paired with light braided line such as Platypus P8 or Platinum Plus Mono, ranging from 8-10lb. A smooth drag on a 20-30 size reel ensures you're well-prepared for the thrill of the catch. With squid season on the horizon, now's the time to gear up and prepare for delectable calamari rings at dinner! 

Enjoy Your Fishing! And remember, practice responsible angling by only catching what you need. Happy fishing adventures! 

Danny & Michelle 


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