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Fishing Report

Season greetings readers of ‘the LOCAL’ newspaper

There is still quite a few nice Summer Whiting being caught from Skirmish Point through to Eighth Avenue along with a couple of large Tailor in the same areas. Flathead are being caught in the shallow water near Buckley’s Hole with soft plastics or live poddy mullet.

Lily with two nice Summer Whiting

Chad, one of our local customers has been catching some very nice Snapper at the Ripples on whole mullet late at night.

Chad – Snapper caught at The Ripples

The Pacific Harbour canals have recently been extremely successful when fishing for Grunter Bream, Grassy Sweetlip and Mangrove Jack using fresh squid and prawns as bait.

Sweetlip & Mangrove Jack caught in the Canals


Mackerel are a prolific species up and down our beautiful Queensland Coast and catching them is very popular. They are hard fighting, fast and very tasty fish. Spanish, Spotted and Spool Mackerel are the major target species which usually start to arrive in numbers early December. They are an ideal small boat target and can also be caught land based on our local beaches. Mackerel have razor sharp teeth that can easily snip through heavy nylon or fluro carbon leader so in most situations a length of wire trace is needed. Wire trace that is too thick or too long will greatly reduce the bite. In general, try to fish as light as possible.

Before sunrise is the best time to fish for Mackerel with most of the action being over by 9am. There is a later afternoon bite however it is not as ferocious as the morning bite period.

A change of tide also sees the fish come on the bite with the week leading up to the full moon being the best time to chase these magnificent fish. I always dispatch Mackerel straight away, bleed them and put them straight on ice.


Enjoy fishing and remember to catch only what you need!

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season and thank you for all your support throughout the year.

Danny and Michelle


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