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Fishing report

Greetings readers of ‘the LOCAL’ newspaper,


Either land-based or by vessel anglers have successfully caught, using soft plastics, plenty of flathead on the flats due to the abundance of prawns on the run at the moment.


Mackerel are plenty around the washing machine at Skirmish Point, with small white metal slugs the key to catching them. From the beach at the northern end of Woorim, beach land-based anglers have successfully caught some very nice long tail tuna.


Live bait in the upper reaches are proving fruitful for decent mangrove jack. Flathead on the troll towards the mouth of the creek and if you are chasing a feed of prawns, there has been a few in the same areas.


Plenty of good jacks in the canals along with trevally and bream. Grassy sweet lip at the ledge running along Banksia Beach, caught on fresh squid.


With our busy lifestyles and restricted movements of the last few years, the thought of a holiday is very enticing. However, parents with school-aged kids know only too well that your holidays are restricted to busy school holiday periods. What this all means from a fishing perspective is that the waterways, beaches and boat ramps at these locations can become extremely busy especially during the peak times from 9am-5pm. All is not lost fishing wise as there are still certain times and days when crowds on or around the water can be smaller.

Making the effort to get up and start fishing just before the dawn can be beneficial during the holiday periods. While maybe not as quiet as dawn, dusk is of course your next best option to be hitting the beach or waterways.


To me, beach fishing is one of the most under utilised locations when you consider the vast amount of beach available to fish and the many varied legal-size fish available to catch. It is worth taking a walk 100 metres or more away from the crowds to some likely looking gutters.


There are a few little tips and tricks you can apply to your estuary fishing to increase your chances of catching fish during the busy holiday periods. One thing you can do if you have a small boat is to track down hidden bays or sneaky little creeks where fish take refuge from heavy boat traffic during the middle hours of the day. You should move very quietly in these locations using an electric motor whilst you cast to the edge of weed beds, melon holes, drains or fallen timber.

So, there you go. Chasing seafood over the holidays can be a bit tricky but there are times and places to increase your chances of taking home a feed or just having some fun with catch and release.

Enjoy your fishing and remember to only catch what you need!

Danny and Michelle

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