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The ‘dumbing down’ of Australia

We are allowing it to happen

Behind the Voice is the activist class of Indigenous Aborigines which is funded by government. Just watch our prime minister in interviews talking about the Voice, where his untruthfulness has been exposed. The PM claims that the Uluru Statement from the Heart is a simple document that can be read in “about two minutes”. This is a lie. Ask yourself the question - why hasn’t this document been made available to the public? The answer - because Albanese does not want you to be aware of the true agenda behind the Voice.

The document is 26 pages, with a further 86 pages of dialogue and Albanese has committed his government to implementing all elements of the Uluru Statement “in full” which calls for “Voice, Treaty, Truth”. Truth is about rewriting 240 years of Australian history, which is already happening now with Aboriginal names being used for destinations at airports, road signs, city names, etc.

A land rights deal between the Victorian government and a number of Aboriginal groups, without consultation with local councils, could see roads, bridges and public spaces renamed in which ratepayers will have to foot the bill for the changes because Dictator Dan says so! The deal also gives preferential treatment to Indigenous Aboriginal groups to council procurement contracts and jobs, as well as power to manage biosecurity and waterways. A clear case of discrimination, Dan!

If Australians were to enshrine an Indigenous Voice (let’s be accurate here – an Indigenous Aboriginal Voice) to Parliament in the upcoming referendum, the Makarrata Commission would be the next stage of the Uluru process. The commission is designed to lead the process of treaty-making between governments and Indigenous Aborigines.

The whole theme of the Uluru Statement in full, is one of anger, grievance, separatism and the need to undo the last 240 years of Australian history. Mainly, Indigenous Aborigines, activists in Canberra (such as Thomas Mayo) are behind all this nonsense to rewrite Australian history. The recent ABC ‘Inventions’ program indicating all the inventions by the Aboriginal race ….. really? What a load of nonsense. ‘The Dark Emu’ book by Pascoe, who claimed to be of Aboriginal ancestry (rubbish – since proven he is English), shows a sketch of Aboriginal women digging for yams purported to be farming! Really! Apparently even towns and buildings were constructed by Aboriginals. Really! A ‘Gunyah’ or ‘Humpy’ does not qualify as a building. Even renowned anthropologists have stated this is a stretch of the imagination. The fact is that the Indigenous Aborigine race was a stone age race prior to colonization. Colonisation gave Indigenous Aborigines the opportunity to evolve, which they eventually did.

Of course, the Uluru Statement refers to colonisation as ‘invasion’, hardly an invasion when a handful of the English landed at Botany Bay to make peace with the Indigenous tribe. Note, ‘invasion’ means ‘fundamental grievance’, this is why activists support the term invasion because it lends weight to the Uluru Statement. If the British had not colonised Australia, then it could have been the French, Portuguese or Spanish or whoever decided to sail on a voyage of discovery. If no-one colonised Australia, Indigenous Aborigines would not be where they are today.

The Uluru Statement also talks about Tasmanian genocide and the Black War waged by colonists. You can see where this is going. Another extract reads “By making agreements at the highest level, the negotiation process with the government allows First Nations to express our sovereignty”.

Albanese continues to be untruthful in saying a ‘Treaty’ is not part of the Voice, it is just recognition of Indigenous Aborigines in the constitution. We are all Australians, so why is it necessary to include a particular race in the constitution? It contravenes our signatory to the International Convention on the ‘elimination of all forms of racial discrimination…..’. Why is it that journalists are not asking these questions of the prime minister?

Why is it necessary to have a particular race named in the constitution? What about the Greeks, Italians, Asians, etc? Those races have settled in Australia and made contributions to our nation. In other words….. they have given to the country, not taken. The most concerning part of the Uluru Statement is on page 19, which pointed to reparations owed to First Nations people (let’s be clear, Indigenous Aborigines). They include seeking a % of GDP, the resolution of land, water and resource issues. But aren’t we giving them $39 billion a year to fix their problems? How will the Voice change Indigenous Aborigines plight in the outback when we already have 3273 registered Aboriginal Corporations which have done nothing to improve their welfare or stop the abuse and rape of Aboriginal women and children, the living and health conditions or get children to attend school. The Voice is just another layer to disguise the true actions wanted and has nothing to do with improving the situation for rural Aborigines. Voting to change the constitution is only the thin edge of the wedge, as there are huge follow-on ramifications that will change Australia detrimentally. The most worrying impact is that the country will be divided by race by 3.8% of the population compared to 96.2% of the population who are proud of their country, are patriotic and want Australia to continue to be a prosperous nation. Why are we allowing a minority to rule? We are all equal under the constitution, as it should be. Why is the media so gutless by not asking probing questions of proponents of the Voice? For instance:

  • There are 3273 registered Aboriginal agencies and 11 Indigenous Aboriginals in parliament. Will the government disband the NIAA as a first step?

  • If 3273 agencies, 11 Indigenous Aboriginal politicians and $39 billion a year have not been able to fix the plight of Aborigines, how is the Voice going to do it? We are all being hoodwinked by Albanese and the Voice.

  • Why are we dividing the nation based on race for 3.8% of the population?

A little while ago, the Gecko read an article which concluded that Australia as a nation and its people are not as smart as they once was. Hard to disagree with what is happening now in Australia and we are not learning the lessons from New Zealand or Canada. Wake up Australia and realize what is happening to your country! Until next time ………..

The views expressed in this article are that of the author and do not necessarily represent the views held by the Publisher of the LOCAL News.


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