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Stand up Australia!

Proviso: At the time of writing this article, the outcome of the referendum was unknown. Due to print schedule, this article was requested early to meet the schedule.

By the time readers read this article, the outcome of the referendum will be known. From Gecko’s point of view and many others, a resounding ‘No’ vote will mean commonsense has prevailed. If a ‘Yes’ vote succeeds, Australia will be divided by race. That means 3.8% of the population can determine outcomes that affect 96.2% of non-indigenous Australians. Sounds like apartheid, doesn’t it and nobody wants to go down that path.

If adopted, the so-called Voice would entrench inequality of citizenship, negating the proud boast of Prime Minister Bob Hawke in 1988: “In Australia there is no hierarchy of descent; there must be no privilege of origin”. Obviously we were much smarter in 1988 than we are now.

Regardless of the outcome, be it a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ result, Australia needs to address some issues which are changing the face of Australia and creating a wide divide between Indigenous Aboriginals and non-indigenous Australians. Here are a few issues that need to be rectified.


This topic has been raised in previous issues and there seems to be a proliferation of people identifying as Indigenous Aboriginals so that they can jump on the ‘lolly train of benefits’. It is about time something was done about claims of Aboriginality. Be it a DNA test or a percentage heritage or whatever, it seems there are a lot of fake ‘Aboriginals’ claiming Aboriginality. There are many examples where people claiming Aboriginality, are actually not even close to having Aboriginal heritage, a proven fact. So, why should a particular race of people have many more benefits than other races? Every Australian, Aboriginal Indigenous and non-Aboriginal Australians should have to meet the same requirements to receive the same benefits. It is ridiculous to also think that someone with Aboriginal heritage of even less than 1% should not be challenged over their so-called Aboriginal distant heritage.


Even before the outcome of the referendum, governments are making treaties with Aboriginal groups and this is having a detrimental effect on our lifestyle. Why are we going down this path of ‘treaties’? A treaty is usually between countries or sovereign states. You can see where this is going …. Indigenous Aboriginals consider that they are ‘First Nations’ people and have never ceded sovereignty, hence they want treaties. Reparations follow treaties. We have already seen what happens when Indigenous Aboriginals are given land rights, native title and treaties. We are being locked out of our own country. There are examples where the ordinary Australian is now locked out of some parts of our country because of Aboriginal rights. The Gecko thought that we were all Australians, be it Indigenous Aboriginals or non-Indigenous. The Gecko is a dinky-di Indigenous Australian, simply because he was hatched here and this is his country as well.

Currently, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have formal recognition of 50% of Australia’s land mass. Huge areas of prime real estate in the Redlands Shire are under threat as a new landmark native title claim is being put to the courts. The claim could infer native title rights on about 3500 council owned or managed properties including a boy scouts hall, Redland Performing Arts Centre, a number of cemeteries, parks and popular scenic recreational areas in Wellington Point, Victoria Point and Cleveland Point. If this claim is successful, it means they will have the right to possess, occupy and use an area to the exclusion of all others. And Redlands is not the only place this is happening.

Beware the Rainbow Serpent!

The federal court has just shown how the race politics of our elites will make us more stupidly superstitious and a lot poorer and the Voice will make it worse. The court has stopped Woodside the gas giant, from doing seismic testing off Western Australia’s Northwest Cape 188km from the mainland, because Woodside had not consulted one woman, Raelene Cooper, who identifies as an Aboriginal woman. The court ruled Woodside had to consult with her as a traditional owner. I’m sorry but what?!! The site is 188km from the mainland in the ocean. Gecko did not know that Aboriginals were sea-faring people. Gecko would hazard a guess that they did not know either.

Are we dumbing down? Seems like it! Remember, all these claims by Aboriginals are being funded by the government - our taxpayers’ money!

Here’s another one …. The court have denied Santos opening a new gas field north of Darwin, saying the company hadn’t consulted Dennis Tipakalippa, one of the traditional owners on the Tiwi Islands, more than 100km from the edge of the gas field, way over the horizon!

The world became richer, safer and better fed when we listened to reason. Yet now we’re forced to submit to superstitions that will make us poorer and dumber. Concerned – well wait till the Voice gets to work.

Accountability We know there are 3273 agencies for the sole purpose of providing a service to Aboriginals and there are 11 Indigenous Aboriginals in parliament. $39 billion per year has not fixed the plight of Aboriginals in need in many communities. How come? Will the Voice change that situation? If the current crop of Aboriginal agencies and Aboriginal members of parliament haven’t changed things, how will the Voice do it? The current NIAA has a number of functions:

  • to lead and co-ordinate Commonwealth policy development program design, implementation and service delivery for Aboriginal people.

  • to provide advice to the prime minister and minister for Indigenous Australians on whole-of-government priorities for Aboriginal people.

Sounds like the Voice doesn’t it, so why the hell did we need a referendum! If the referendum favours the Voice, then Gecko suggests sacking the minister for Indigenous Australians and putting a red-hot poker through the 3237 Aboriginal agencies. An independent audit needs to examine core activities of each agency and all agencies holistically. A complete financial audit needs to occur to see where $39 billion has disappeared to without changing the plight of those Aboriginals in need and that includes sexual exploitation of children and domestic violence, which is still happening as you read this article.

Plenty more to say, but the Editor won’t let me!

And there ends Gecko Chirps rant …………. Goodbye and good luck!

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