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Greetings readers of ‘the LOCAL’ newspaper,

Hi everyone, Danny and Michelle from Island Fishing Supplies, Banksia Beach and now with our new shop at Marine Parade Bellara.


A perfect location to catch Tailor and big dart late afternoon using small metal slugs.

Big Dart at Skirmish Point


Using live bloodworms and yabbies, anglers are catching summer whiting on the flats, along with some nice flathead on the sand patches in between the weed beds.


Lightly weighted whole small squid have proven the best bait for snapper on the last hour of the runout tide from the ripples through to the ledge at White Patch. There is also plenty of blue swimmer crabs through the same area.


Under the bridge on the slack water top and bottom of the tide floating pilchards around the pylons is successful for snapper and tailor.


Big eye trevally and tailor at night on poppers and some very nice bream caught around the pontoons using whole herring and hardy heads.


Chasing the humble bream on surface lures can be very exciting, especially in shallow water. Nothing beats the excitement of the noise from a fish hitting a surface lure when you least expect it, whether it’s a Spanish mackerel, GT or a big blue nose bream. We are very lucky here at Bribie, with so many options both land-based and by boat, where we can target bream on surface lures. Weed beds and yabbie banks are a great place to start. I do like the start of an incoming tide when the fish are coming up on to the flats to feed. Remember you don’t need a lot of water to catch fish. I have caught some of my biggest bream in a foot of water. Also, when doing this there is always the chance of some very nice by-catch like whiting, flathead and trevally.

Bream on surface



For the rod, I use at least a 7’ 1-3 kg flick stick with my rod of choice being Atomic Arrowz bream surface 7’6, ideal for casting small poppers as far as possible.


I like a reel 2000-2500 size. Major Craft have an awesome 2500 Ceana, which is extremely light and tough. You can cast all day without getting a sore arm. I normally put 4–6lb braid and similar size leader.


I have found that bream really like to hit the lure on the pause. Cast as far as you can, then two to three really sharp rips, then pause. I have counted up to 10 seconds before a bream has hit the lure. They will follow that lure and sit underneath it, staring at it before deciding to eat it. Don’t be surprised if they come right up to your feet and hit the lure up to the last metre in front of you.

So there you go, a great fun way to catch the humble bream. It is always good to go back and chase the fish you grew up chasing as a kid.

Bream surface rod and reel

Surface lures 

Enjoy your fishing and remember to only catch what you need!

Danny and Michelle


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