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Happy Birthday Tom! 100 years young, Born 26/12/1920….

Married Name - Cloreen Sylvia Robinson, has lived on Bribie Island since 2007. Tom’s family and friends celebrated her birthday on Bribie Island.

Lyn Ball Tom’s Daughter said “From my point of view it is the only 100th birthday I have attended (or am likely to attend, because I am pretty sure I won't make that age lol) it just goes to show how tough they bred them in that era. Mum has worked hard all her life at home on the farm as she grew up, then as an adult in tobacco fields and kilns, hop fields, on raspberry farms and fruit picking, she has also done commercial cleaning, worked in factories and much more, My mum has raised 5 Children and now has 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.”

Tom or Tommy has lived through the aftermath of the Spanish Flu, (which she remembers) the Depression, World War 2, and other conflicts, saw the introduction of the motor car, air and train travel, telephones, inside running water and toilets,electricity, radio, Television, mobile phones, computers and much more in her 100 years. Tom is the survivor of her husband Sydney Robinson who passed away in 1998.

Lyn also says “her mum’s moral and work ethics is something I think today’s generation could draw a lot from”


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