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Happy New Year readers of ‘the LOCAL’ newspaper

With the school holidays in full swing there’s been a lot of traffic on the water. Despite this, there have been some decent reports of excellent catches around Bribie.

The Pacific Harbour canals have been the place to escape from the wind, with plenty of nice Bream caught from around the pontoons at night on prawns and chicken breast. Soft plastics have produced good Mangrove Jacks in the same areas.

Flathead caught at the mouth of the Canals

The mouth of the canals, on the incoming tides using live herring or mullet, is best for catching flathead. The ledge at White Patch is fishing well for snapper and mulloway, especially in the last hour or so of the runout tide floating unweighted pilchards.

Whiting caught at White Patch

Preferring the incoming tide on the flats at White Patch there are plenty of whiting, flathead and bream, using live bloodworms are the bait of choice.

Blue swimmer crabs are in abundance in the passage at the moment. Unfortunately, there have been reports of theft, so keep an eye on your pots.


The simple things in life are often the best. Therefore, back-to-basic fishing for whiting, bream and flathead around Bribie, can be extremely rewarding. It is simple, cheap and most of the time you will get a feed of fresh fish. Fishing as light as possible is the best way to catch these species.

The key is to make your bait look as natural as possible. Fish are not going to be interested in bait attached to a rope with a gigantic sinker.

My preferred baits include live yabbies, bloodworms and fresh prawns using tackle including a No. 4 longshank hook, swivel and sinker, depending on the current, with 6lb-10lb line and a light Spin Rod.

Bream caught at White Patch on a live Yabby

When in search of an area to fish, find the yabby holes. Fish won’t be far behind.

Personally, I like an incoming tide over the flats. You will be surprised just how little water you need to catch fish.

The process when fishing for these species is just as rewarding as the catch. I love the process just as much as the prize. Working out the wind and tide, collecting bait and figuring out a location is all part of the fishing process and the anticipated prize.

Danny and Michelle

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