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Hopping Around

Amelia Strazdins

Yet again it reaches that time of year where chocolate eggs line the shelves and are in high demand. Easter is one of those holidays that seems to sneak up on us, with everyone too busy with work and being back at school. Although, it is a little hard to forget the day when hot cross bun line supermarket shelves starting from January. However, in the hustle and bustle that inevitably comes with the first few months of the year, Easter tends to result in massive chocolate hunts and maybe a lazy day at home. And while there is nothing wrong with such choices, it is also so important to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings, local businesses and the freedom that comes with being without strict Covid-19 rules. For many, Easter much like Christmas, will be spent inside with safety rules in place not allowing picnics or beach trips. But for us those activities are still very much on the cards. Good weather provided, exploring local areas or even venturing further is very much encouraged. Easter, a traditionally Christian celebration, is celebrated in various ways. Those who follow the Christian religion take the time to remember Jesus Christ and those who do not necessarily celebrate the event use the long weekend to the best of their advantage. But regardless of religion, the event will always involve copious amounts of chocolate. With many people and businesses still suffering the effects of extensive Covid-19 lockdowns, it is incredibly important to get out and show our support. Holidays like these often attract many inter-state visitors with people taking a chance to visit family and friends. But many of us choose to stay home rather than exploring our own State. With a long weekend as an excuse, planning a day trip, or even an over-night stay somewhere provides a fun experience whilst simultaneously offering support to Aussie businesses. Even a fun trip up the beach gets everyone up, about and out of the house. We often only associate the holiday with sweets and crazy easter egg hunts, but the holiday also supports the ideals of rebirth and new beginnings. With a new year on our hands, the hope of various vaccines and lifted lockdowns (for most of us), we have the opportunity to pursue new ideas and projects we’ve all been wanting to try. It provides us the ability to reflect on how far we have progressed and grown, with this time last year marking the beginning of global lockdowns bringing fear and uncertainty. And, obviously we are not just yet in the clear, but we’ve finally begun to see a little bit more hope. Happy easter to all, may it provide the opportunity for adventure and of course as much chocolate as one can possibly consume.


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