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Landscape Plant of the Month Justica carnea syn. Jacobina carnea- ‘Pink’

Justicacarnea- ‘Pink’,commonly referred to as theBrazilian Plume floweror flamingo planthails originally from South America. Justicaare shade loving, evergreen - soft woodedshrubs, that have large deep green leaves with deep pressed veins.Justica - Pink, can grow to 1.5 metres tall and produce spectacular plumes of hot pinktubularflowers in early summer through to autumn.There is also a white flowering variety -Justica ‘Alba’, and a golden one-Justica‘Aurea’ anda rare red flowering onetoo. last week,I was working at my lovely client’s property in Banksia Beach and saw these beautiful Justica- Pink, inflower and popping their crowns up proudly along a partly shady position.In this situation, they are partly exposed to direct sun as the building shade has changedfor the summermonths, but these plants are coping just fine at present. While they do prefer shade, and will flower profusely in dappled light, they are fairly tolerantofvariations tosunlight exposure. Buthow striking is the vivid pink crown on the specimen above? Justicacarnea,respond well to deadheading,(removal of the spent flower heads) which can trigger another flush in the season,or the plants can behard pruned in winter if they get too lanky.If you have some shady gardens and want some gorgeous flowers,these might just be the ticket.


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