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Let’s go ski tubing and knee boarding 

Ski tubing is always great family fun!! You don’t need a high-powered boat. Just a tinny with around 20hp will happily tow a single ski tube or kneeboard. A few basic rules to keep everyone safe:

  • use a proper ski tube rope with a ski bridle and float attached to tow handles or ski hooks on both rear corners of the boat.

  • never tow off only one corner as this may cause the boat to be unstable at speed.

  • ensure that everyone on board and the person on the tube are wearing approved life jackets or buoyancy vests.

  • you must have a responsible observer whose job it is to be additional eyes and ears for the boat driver.

  • as the driver, be aware to keep well away from other vessels allowing for the length of the tow rope and the large turning circle needed.

  • avoid high speed turns as this may put the ski tuber into a dangerous whip causing injury.

As the master of the vessel towing any type of water toy, you need to be super aware of everything going on around you, ensuring you exercise caution and common sense at all times. If you do all this, you and your family will have a fun day out on the water.

For advice on all the right products, check with your local marine accessory shop.

Always make sure you check all safety gear.

Remember as the master of the vessel YOU are responsible for the safety of everyone on board.

Happy and safe boating,


Brisbane Boat Buyers

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