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Make your car sparkle at the Bribie Car Wash and Dog Wash

By Alistair Gray 

How do you make your dirty car look like a million dollars? Take it to the Bribie Car Wash and Dog Wash, of course! This may sound like a line in a joke, however sitting in the car wash office with new owner Aaron Slater, it soon became very clear how committed he is to ensuring each customer gets a sparkling clean car and quality service.  

Aaron wants your vehicle to sparkle and look great. Those annoying bird droppings are removed, your windows are clean and you can say, “Wow, that looks good”. His commitment to service and the delivery of a quality finish for his customers stands out. With cameras everywhere and large screens in his office to monitor the process, as soon as something doesn’t look right, Aaron is out there fixing the problem. He will even hand wash the affected area so you can be satisfied you get a quality finish. He is also out there quickly, offering suggestions and helping customers with the process. 

The total focus is on quality, which means measuring every part of the process to ensure the optimal amount of chemicals and water are used for the best outcome, using science alongside the very best products proven to deliver top results. There is also an advanced maintenance program in place to ensure that the industry-leading machinery is performing at its best to avoid machinery breakdowns. For you, this means no delays or having to return because something is not working.  

“You don’t even need to use a chamois as the chemicals used will remove the water stains and the wind from driving away gives you a perfect finish,” Aaron said. 

This state-of-the-art car wash has three central bays. There is an automated facility where everything is done for you and two do-it-yourself bays where you wash the car yourself. In addition, if your car needs a vacuum, a super-sucking vacuum cleaner is available and sucks all that sand out of your car mats and carpet saving all that mucking around at home. There is even a dog wash to make life easy for dog lovers. 

For those who want to take it easy and sit in the car listening to your radio, the automated facility is for you.  Gone are the brushes like the old days; everything is touch-free, eliminating scratches, leaving a fabulous finish. The pressure jets of water and chemicals on the automated arms do all the work for you.  

You have three choices:  

  • Ultimate Ceramic Wash for $22 

  • Beach Wash - if you have been on the sand - for $20  

  • Every day Deluxe Wash for $18.  


Each wash gives you two active presoak washes, a high-pressure rinse and a spot-free rinse. The Deluxe Rinse adds Rain-X, a UV Vehicle Protectant and the Beach Wash adds an underbody rinse. The Ultimate Ceramic Wash includes everything the other washes offer, plus the Armor All – Professional Ceramic Seal, providing your car's ultimate protection and finish. This is the wash Aaron recommends. 

For those who like to do-it-yourself and pick your options or those with vehicles coated in mud and thick grime, the high-pressure spray and hand brush options are for you. You can self-select your preferred service option, the instructions are clear and it is effortless to use. There is a tyre cleaner, presoak option, high-pressure soap spray option, foaming and high-pressure rinse options. You are sure to get a great clean. 

And for dog lovers, there is the Dog Wash. I don’t know about you, but struggling to wash your puppy in the bath, or under the garden hose or in the shower with the accompanying dog shake and water going everywhere is a real pain. We all love our dogs, however washing them is not one of the joys of ownership. Most of us can’t go to the groomer daily after the dog has been on the beach or rolling in the dirt. Instead, Bribie Car Wash and Dog Wash is the place to go. No need to book – just turn up. The facility is easy to use, just secure your dog and choose your options. You can shampoo, rinse, condition rinse, flea and tick rinse and blow dry.  If preferred, you can use your own special shampoo. So easy to use; the puppies love it. I know our Cavoodle Murphy does, so why not give it a go?   

Aaron Slater took over the car wash in November last year and has been busy working on ways to improve the business further. Aaron started his career as an electrician and to enhance his trade, gained an associate degree in electrical engineering and completed his MBA. He had 15 years working with Energex before spending 12 months in Tasmania to roll out their Smart Metre program. His family has more than 20 years of experience in the car wash industry and his extensive business background and eye for detail make him an excellent operator of the Island’s car wash. He is a great addition to the Bribie business community. 


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