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My Health Now document puts vital health information at fingertips

We’ve all had moments where we have to fill out pages of paperwork with all our medical information. It’s not always easy to remember all the details! Now, there’s a new form in the mix to help make a difference.

My Health Now is an easy-to-use form that helps you have your important health information right in your hands when you need it most. The handy document was developed at Caboolture Hospital and features basic information you may be asked for in an emergency department or outpatient appointment, as well as other things you may want your health care team to know.

Caboolture Hospital acting executive director Alanna Geary said going to hospital could be sudden and stressful for some patients.

“You may be injured or unwell and you will be asked many questions about you and your health,” Alanna said. “We know it can be hard to remember everything you need to share. My Health Now ensures you have your information in your hands when you need it.”

Caboolture Hospital Health consumer Jurina developed My Health Now after attending a hospital appointment and struggling to remember all the information needed to fill out the forms she was given.

“I found it very difficult to recall parts of my health history and impossible to recall the dates of my surgeries or the names and dosages of the medications that I currently take,” Jurina said. “When I got home, I sat down and created a health history document that I could easily edit as needed and could take with me to all my health-related appointments.

“I shared the template with my colleagues at the Caboolture Hospital Caring Together Consumer Network and we all agreed that it is a valuable resource that could benefit everyone in our community.”

My Health Now is designed to help you to remember and communicate your health information with ambulance or hospital staff if you are unwell. It is not an official health document and is not legally binding.

“We all appreciate our fantastic health care system but many of us recognise areas that could be improved on, yet we don’t want to be seen to be complaining so we keep quiet,” Jurina said. “If we don’t suggest improvements, then no one knows that things could improve.”

My Health Now is available on the Caboolture Hospital website. Download a copy today from:


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