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New Business Kicks Off by Giving Back to Our Volunteers

By Staff Writer Mozza

Queensland Car Sales and Detailing is a relatively new service to Bribie Island and Surrounds and is a mobile service based in Ningi. Business Owner Wes Ravell has many years’ experience in large motor dealerships such as Zupps Brisbane and Cricks on the Sunshine Coast.

The business offers a range of VIP services including car detailing to a high standard suitable as preparation for sale to ensure the best price for your vehicle or just to pretty up your pride and joy for keeps. With good knowledge of the industry and links to trades Wes can get your car roadworthy at a reasonable price, make your car shine inside and out and get the best price the market has to offer.

Wes says many people are unaware of the true value of their second hand car and trade it in for a song to a dealer or bargain hunter when getting a new car. Queensland Car Sales can get your new car at the best price and also get the best price for your old car saving you thousands on the changeover cost. This makes their reasonable fixed price fees a no brainer when doing your cost benefit analysis as well as saving you a lot of time and worry.

As a new business in the area Wes has established himself here as he has strong community values in our area. Wes values the work being done in the community by our volunteers and has committed to provide a free detailing service per month for six months to thank those in the community who do great work for all of us.

Volunteers can be nominated for this free service via an email outlining how the person puts back into the community as a volunteer, has a selfless outlook in serving our community and describing the work of the worthy organisation the volunteer works for.

The first winner of the volunteer service selected by Wes is Adrienne Logan of Bongaree who splits her free time volunteering with the Hospice Shop on First Av. Bongaree which provides care for the elderly in our community and Hairdressers with Hearts which is a local Domestic Violence assistance charity.

Adrienne has been volunteering many hours to these two charities for the last few years and didn’t really expect to be recognised by Wes. “It’s a lovely thought to be given this car detailing service as I rarely have the time to do it properly myself” she said. “It’s great to see local business supporting volunteers in this way which will in turn encourage more people to get involved in their community and feel appreciated”.

To nominate a volunteer for this special service email Wes at

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