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No age limit on learning

Amelia Strazdins

We never stop learning. From primary school to later in life, from academia to hands on experiences, we are all perpetually students.

World student day falls on October 15th providing an opportunity to consider the importance of access to education and the different forms learning and knowledge take.

Traditionally when we think of students we imagine a classroom setting filled with books, laptops and a teacher. Whilst there is no doubting the importance of traditional classes the need for remote learning alongside the ever-changing world has displayed the necessity for varied forms of education.

The pandemic put a lot into perspective perhaps most importantly the need for human interaction and fresh air. This brief pause in the world also saw an increase of people applying to courses, heading back to study and expanding their knowledge. This really emphasised that being a student does not have an age restriction. Ultimately we learnt that screens, whilst incredibly useful and necessary do not have the ability to teach everything. There is so much that we learn from each other, so much that we take from everyday discussions.

Inter-generationally there is so much knowledge to be shared, so much that can be taken from those who have a fresher perspective on the world and those who hold a little more experience.

Bribie is a community filled with people of all ages, and this in itself provides the perfect opportunity. A plethora of local non-profits and community groups provide an active forum for people to get involved and learn something new. Schools on the Island already draw upon local groups and individuals to help expand student’s knowledge. From boating lessons at the high school to learning about Indigneous history from local elders, it becomes clear that community involvement in learning is incredibly important. Interactions between these groups and education institutions provides a degree of hands-on real-world learning that has unfortunately been impossible for the past couple of years. These opportunities provide learning experiences for all involved. These groups draw people from all ages and stages of life. From gardening to sports, rotary to knitting there are so many ways in which to learn something new. It is through a combination of willing teachers, dedicated students and enthusiastic individuals that this learning can be expanded in the way it is.

You are never too old or young to learn. So, whether that learning takes place in a classroom or in a garden, in a workshop or by the beach it is important to remember to remain open to learning something new. Regardless of whether you join a local group or simply decide to research something that interests you, we will all remain students at heart.

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