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Remembrance Day 2020

It is once again that time of year where Christmas is approaching and much of our focus has shifted to presents and festivities. But one of the most important days of the year is not Christmas but Remembrance Day. The day, commemorated on the 11th of November, has recently passed, and we as a nation took the time to remember those who have sacrificed their lives for our country. Like most things in 2020, Remembrance Day looked a little different to what we are used to. Instead of the large crowds and ceremonies, televised commemorations were commonplace. This day provided a moment to recognise and acknowledge past and current members who have served and are serving our country. In particular this year we did not just acknowledge efforts and missions overseas but also those who protect us in our own country. Coronavirus saw our special forces return home, helping keep us safe by reinforcing boarders and providing assistance. A combination of our army, navy and air force have ensured that we as a nation have remained unified and protected. Whilst many of us have now returned to normalcy, there are still those dedicating their lives to the sovereignty of our nation. Even more so, there are still Australian forces overseas that have not been able to see their families, and to them we owed an even bigger thank you. Those who dedicate or have dedicated their lives to protecting our democratic freedoms, have not only in some circumstances given up their lives but also sacrifice time with their loved ones and the sanctity of home. During a year in which safety has become a bigger priority than normal, we took time to remember the role past and present forces play in protecting our society. For us on Bribie, we took time to pay our respect to all the veterans who have fearlessly served our country. These members of society are the reason for our current standing democracy and the freedoms we are able to enjoy today. In the rush of everyday life, it is easy to forget those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defending us and our country. The 11th of November allowed us the time and opportunity to reflect on the importance of our soldiers, past and present. Certainly, as members of the Bribie island community this day continues to play an important part in ensuring we carry on the legacy that remains so important to our history. As such, I urge everyone to take a moment out of their day, not just on the 11th of November, and in doing so we highlight the importance of remembering history. Listening to stories and reflecting allows for the recognition of those who may have not previously received proper support and respect. Our local community consists of many veterans and individuals who have endured more hardships than could ever be imagined. It is truly the least we could have done to thank them by taking the day to commemorate and recognise their sacrifices.


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