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Results for Bribie Island Women’s Golf 7 October to 2 November 2022

6/10/22 - Monthly Medal – Sponsors Churches of Christ

A Grade Winner Di Benghamy 73, 1st R/U Carole Watson 76 c/b, 2nd R/U Val Smith 76 c/b

NTP Hole 4 Susie Smith, Hole 7 Di Benghamy, Hole 16 2nd Shot Di Benghamy

Best Gross Di Benghamy

B Grade Winner Myra Dickson 70 c/b, 1st R/U Maureen Bailey 70, 2nd R/U Toni Grossman 71

NTP Hole 7 Fitzie Jackson, Hole 14 Sue Graham, Hole 16 2nd Shot Toni Grossman

Best Gross Myra Dickson

C Grade Winner Lyn Cockerell 77 c/b, 1st R/U Angela Jordan 77, 2nd R/U Paula McKenzie 79 c/b

NTP Hole 4 Jennifer Warburton, Hole 14 Lyn Cockerell, Hole 16 2nd Shot Hazel McDonnell

Best Gross Lyn Cockerell

11/10/22 - 3 Person Group Aggregate – Sponsors Hairdressers with Hearts

Overall Winners Paula McKenzie, Maureen McGlone and Lesley Heap 107

R/U Maureen Bailey, Anna de Bondt and Rita de Bondt 99

NTP Hole 4 Nadia Aylott, Hole 7 Bibby Davies, Hole 14 Bibby Davies, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Suzanne Fowler, Hole 14 Div 3 2nd Shot Paula McKenzie

10-12/1022 - Bargara Ladies Open Classic

Five brave Bribie ladies faced into howling gales and for some of us rain as well for three days of golf up on the usually clear, sunny Bargara coast. Mixed feelings about the golf, but one of our ladies did very well and was awarded the 54 Hole Gross Winner – Di Benghamy.

13/10/22 - Single Stroke (President’s Trophy Rd 1)

A Grade Winner Ailsa Lauchlan 71, 1st R/U Gill Lee 72 c/b, 2nd R/U Gwen Clutterbuck 72

B Grade Winner Lyn Cockerell 68, 1st R/U Stina Barnulf 70, 2nd R/U Jennifer Stafford 71

NTP Hole 4 Dianne Hayward, Hole 7 Stina Barnulf, Hole 14 Marjorie Sills, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Lyn Ball, Hole 14 Div 3 2nd Shot Nadia Aylott

18/10/22 - Canadian Foursomes – Sponsors Late Bloomers

Overall Winners: Lyn Ball & Pauline Grooby 75, 1st R/U Roslyn Crossley & Vicki Jones 75.75, 2nd R/U Sina Barnulf & Tony Grossmann 76.5 c/b

NTP: Hole 4 Kris Tomalin, Hole 7 Myra Thomsen, Hole 14 Stina Barnulf

Today’s event was sponsored by some of our lady golfers – The Late Bloomers – Suzanne Vallely, Carole Watson, Magrit Pearce and Di Benghamy. Unfortunately Di was unable to stay for presentation and neither were the winners – they all sent their apologies.

15/09/22 - Hole in One

Hole in One Award to Leonie Pratt (Hole 14 Thursday 15 September). Well done Leonie!

Leonie Pratt

25/10/22 - Single Stableford

Overall Winner: Gwen Clutterbuck 38, Ailsa Lauchlan 37, Lyn Ball 36 c/b

NTP: Hole 4 Di Benghamy, Hole 7 Ros Gardiner, Hole 14 Gaby Bennett, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Vicki Jones, Hole 14 Div 3 2nd Shot Nadia Aylott

27/10/22 - Single Stableford – Professional/Manager’s Day

Overall Winner: Gill Lee 39, 1st R/U Helena Winterflood 38. These two ladies go away for a day’s golf, mini golf, lunch, drinks and travel with our Professional Brayden Campbell and our Club Manager Steve Middleton. Professional -v- Manager Teams to compete. Should be a great day. Enjoy!

27/10/22 - Single Stableford Day Event

A Grade Winner Sandra Power 37, 1st R/U Dianne Hayward 35 c/b, 2nd R/U Myra Thomsen 35 c/b

B Grade Winner Gay Burnham 37 c/b, 1st R/U Diane Fitzpatrick 37, 2nd R/U Sylia White 34 c/b

C Grade Winner Roslyn Crossley 35, 1st R/U Vicki Lawrence 33, 2nd R/U Sonia Ferrante 32 c/b

NTP Hole 4 Nadia Aylott, Hole 7 Di Benghamy, Hole 14 Di Benghamy, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Judy Graham, Hole 14 Div 3 2nd Shot Ann Mitchell

1/11/22 No ladies competition and unfortunately rain stopped play for the Melbourne Cup. A very successful Melbourne Cup lunch was held with 150 plus people attending.


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