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Still waiting on empty promises

Last week marked the due date for the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s flagship Satellite Hospitals Program, but Bribie Island is still waiting to see their so-called hospital.

Two years ago, the premier promised Queenslanders they would be “up and running” by now, but there’s not a single doctor or nurse in sight.

What’s even worse is that even when it’s complete, the Bribie Satellite Hospital won’t offer the care we have been promised.

We were promised a hospital, but instead we’ll get a multi-purpose medical centre, without an emergency department and without 24-hour care.

Unfortunately, this will do little to address the concerns of residents about having access to an emergency department on the Island, despite the many promises of the local Labor MP.

Residents on the Island will still be faced with the same issues of getting to Caboolture Hospital in an emergency and hoping there are no accidents on the Bribie Island bridge.

This failed promise is yet more evidence Queenslanders can’t trust Premier Palaszczuk or any promise she makes.

Our state is facing a health crisis with the worst hospital ambulance ramping in the nation, specialist wait blowouts beyond clinically recommended times and Queenslanders losing their lives while they wait for ambulances.

In fact, this month marks two years since the Palaszczuk Labor Government announced a $100 million strategy that was supposed to fix the hospital ramping crisis. Instead of fixing ramping, Queensland now has the worst ambulance ramping in the country, thousands more patients are waiting 24 hours in emergency departments, patients are dying waiting for an ambulance and bed block is crippling our hospitals.

Our health system is in crisis and this government is incapable of healing it.

Queenslanders want solutions, they want to know when they call an ambulance it will arrive and when they are in an emergency, they can get into the emergency department.

Queenslanders deserve a world class health system no matter where they live.

The LNP has put solutions on the table to heal the Queensland health crisis, including more resources, improving triaging, real time data monitoring and giving power back to local doctors and nurses who know what health services their community needs.

In an attempt to distract Queenslanders, last week the premier tried to ‘reset’ when it comes to the government’s health, youth justice and housing crises gripping Queensland and our region.

How? By swapping around a handful of ministers in her government. But don’t be fooled - this is not a reshuffle and is certainly not a reset. It’s the same faces, around the same cabinet table, on the same pay, making the same bad decisions.

At the heart of the chaos and crisis running through the Palaszczuk Labor Government and across Queensland, is a premier and a conga line of ministers who take no accountability or responsibility for their actions. They are no longer listening and think their own political survival trumps the real issues impacting our local communities.

Last week’s stale ‘rebrand’ does not change the make-up of cabinet and proves Premier Palaszczuk cares more about how she and her government look, instead of driving the genuine change to improve the lives of Queenslanders.

After nearly a decade in power, the premier has prioritised her own political survival over the needs of Queenslanders. This is a government in a state of full-blown chaos and crisis. Queenslanders see right through this desperate attempt to rebrand the chaotic Palaszczuk Labor Government.

I repeat - it’s the same faces, around the same cabinet table, on the same pay, making the same bad decisions.

Bribie residents deserve better.

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