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The Ekka - Queensland’s Time to Shine

By Amelia Strazdins

Winter has set in, and August is only a couple of weeks away. This can only mean one thing; the Ekka is fast approaching. The Queensland show, starting on the sixth of August, draws in crowds from all around the state and even catches the attention of those interstate. Its popularity has remained as high as ever, despite the challenges and trials the past couple of years have presented to the event organisers, venders, and those in attendance. Cancellation of the event, capacity limitations and covid have all impacted the event over the past two years. Such issues have not only impacted the show itself but also local businesses and farmers, who rely upon the Ekka for income and exposure. Aside from all the rides and plethora of showbags, the event is a display of Queensland’s best produce and products. From agriculture to strawberry ice-cream, showgoers get to experience firsthand local businesses and owners gain both business and meaningful interactions with their customers.

So much of our lives have transitioned online, but such transitions have meant face-to-face interactions and conversations have become lacking. A large aspect of supporting locally, Australian owned business is interacting with the owners, listening to their stories, and understanding how we as customers can continue to support their endeavours. The Ekka provides the opportunity for business exposure alongside real life customer interactions. As we all known smaller businesses are still struggling to recover from recent challenges, including local floods. Many have faced the possibility of having to shut down their business. It is only through the support of local communities that many of these businesses have been able to survive. Our Bribie community, and smaller local businesses, perfectly display how local businesses can flourish with our support.

The combination of making local purchases and supporting Aussie businesses ensures that industries remain Australian owned and operated. The Ekka is both a family fun event and an opportunity to view the extent of Queensland based industries, such as agriculture and food, and businesses. Whether it be a day trip or a weekend away there are so many exciting activities to experience. From learning more about our famers and their animals, to competitions and enjoying local food vendors, there is plenty to do. This event also helps direct our focus back home. Make the effort to try a local restaurant you have not been to before, try to purchase local produce or even attend the local markets often held on a Sunday. This August, enjoy the Ekka and all it has to offer, and remember the importance of supporting and shopping local and Australian businesses.

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