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The emergence of ‘Woke’ ideology

Now, the older generation of experienced and thought generated lizards understood that ‘woke’ was something that happened after you had a sleep. We are now inundated with this ‘woke’ ideology from the younger generation and others through misinformed and misguided teachings. The people with commonsense, mainly older lizards, are downright sick of this global trend on a whole range of issues. 

‘Woke’ is basically vernacular English, encompassing a broader awareness of all sorts of issues such as social inequalities, racial injustice, sexism, LGBT++++, plus numerous more. It’s about inclusion as well. Mostly ‘woke’ activists focus on what they perceive, not what the broader issues are, nor do they look at those issues holistically before forming an opinion. Here are some examples of how ‘woke’ ideology has lost the plot. 

Take Australia Day – our national day on which we should be proud of our country and proud to be Australian. 

Now, the big supermarkets and other big stores have said they are not going to stock and sell Australia Day merchandise – their reason – a declining market for it! They also recognise that some Australians see it as hurtful and they are sensitive to their feelings. WHAT?! Activists call it ‘Invasion Day’, even though this represents an extremely small minority. This is an example of the ‘woke’ ideology that besets us, inclusion of the minority at the expense of the majority. 

Now Woolworths have not read the public perception and this is shown by the $2 billion wiped off their shares following that announcement. 

It is the loud minority of activists seeking to change the date of Australia Day. Data shows that only 17% believe Australia Day should be moved. Moving the date will not change the activists’ position – whatever day it is, it will still be ‘Invasion Day’ from their warped point of view. 

Anybody who knows their history will know that January 26, 1788 was when the Union Jack was raised at Sydney Cove. Since that date, this country has developed to what it is today. It was never an ‘invasion’ as activists like to call it. Smart thinking Aboriginal people, like Jacinta Price, know that this country of ours belongs to all Australians and opportunities exist for all in an equal and fair manner – you just have to apply yourself. Jacinta Price will tell you that activists have to stop this victim mentality and act like the majority who are proud Australians, regardless of colour or ethnic background. 

Woolworths, Kmart, Big W, etc. have said they will not stock Australia Day merchandise even if the date is changed. In other words, they have gone ‘woke’ to appease the minority. Furthermore, firms and big banks are now giving workers the option to have the day off on any other day than January 26, another example of the ‘woke’ stance. Gecko’s message to all institutions is to focus on their core activities. Supermarkets need to focus on their core activity – like food and stop ripping off the farmers and consumers. They should not be getting into politics as that is not their core business, neither is it the core business of banks and other big firms. 

The Gecko has plenty to say about this woke ideology, however I am restricted by space from the Editor. But here is a parting snipe at the government. 

Congratulations to the New Zealand government – they aim to remove ‘woke ideology’ from schools!  

The Albanese government has failed to designate the October 7, 2023 unprovoked attack by Palestinian Hamas on Israel as an act of terrorism. This woke ideology regarding this terrorist attack is indefensible. Israeli citizens were murdered, women raped and mutilated, hostages taken and now we see support for the Palestinians with protests, etc, because of what is happening in Gaza. People should not forget what happened on October 7, 2023, that is why there is war happening. Easy to stop the war – hand over the Israeli hostages.  

Until next time ……… the Gecko. 

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