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The State Government is losing control of Queensland’s health system

At the Caboolture hospital, 34% of patients wait in an ambulance for longer than the recommended 30 minutes before receiving any treatment. That’s a 5% increase from December 2019. 27.4% patients won’t be treated within clinically recommended timeframes when they present to the Emergency Department. What that means is more than 1 in 3 patients aren’t getting ‘off stretcher’ and inside the hospital within 30 mins.

As a result, our hardworking ambulance staff are stuck in the carpark, and can’t get to your place when you need them.

We know our doctors, nurses and health staff work as hard as they can. But they need better support and Labor needs to deliver it.

Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates said “These statistics are exposing the shocking state of Queensland’s public health system. “Labor is losing control of healthcare. “The Health Minister needs to explain why standards are slipping at hospitals across Queensland and how she plans to fix it.

“As a nurse, I know how exhausting it can be for doctors and nurses working long hours under immense pressure on the frontline.

“Hospital staff in Queensland are sick of being ignored by the state government and their refusal to properly resource our hospitals across Queensland including Caboolture.

“The Health Minister must urgently travel to Caboolture Hospital and listen to staff and outline how Labor will improve wait times.

“All Queenslanders deserve a world class health system, not second-rate healthcare.

“Better patient care must be the top priority for the state government.”


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