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Toorbul & Donnybrook Seniors Club

Outgoing President’s Annual Report I would like to thank the outgoing committee for their sterling work to carry on with the club activities and to make our club a worthy one to belong to. During the past year, we have sadly had to farewell two of our long-term members who passed away. RIP Les Timms and Les Duncan.

2022/23 has seen the first full year of our name change (Pensioners to Seniors). In the past year, there have been 36 new members, out of a total membership of 129. We welcome the new members and encourage everyone to promote our club to many of the area’s new residents.

The year saw our usual social activities: a successful Christmas in July and great Spring Fair, a technology seminar, a fun Melbourne Cup luncheon and then in the new year, a successful art exhibition and a St Patrick’s luncheon.

We successfully ran two stalls at the TCDA Markets at Christmas and Easter. It has been a busy year for members. Our Christmas lunch was well attended - thanks to Jamie Daniell for his entertainment.

Of special mention is the artwork provided to the club by Carmen Tapper. Carmen painted our fridge cabinet outside – the first foray into our Community Street Library, which has now grown by four more bookshelves. Carmen was then asked to paint a mural on the facilities block at Toorbul’s main boat ramp. What a special job she has done - congratulations Carmen. This mural has encouraged more of us to be aware of the migratory birds visiting our shores.

Each week, we continue to hold Tai-Chi exercise mornings, indoor bowls, line dancing, craft and cards. More participants in these activities would be welcomed. Two ‘happy hour’ socials are held each month.

We say ‘thanks’ to our local politicians, who support us in many ways, providing raffle goods whenever requested and printing flyers and newsletters.

The local businesses in Toorbul also support us in promoting the club and providing goodies for raffles. Thank you all!

For last year and the current one, a calendar was published with dates of club activities and featuring photos of Toorbul and its surrounds provided by our club members. Margie Hildred now has the job of looking after our newsletter. As a result, we have a great monthly newsletter with club news, insights into Toorbul, Donnybrook and surrounds and some of our special members and the jobs they do.

May I wish the incoming committee a successful year. For the members, I hope it is a year of good health and happiness!

Bruce Hansford (outgoing president)

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