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Volunteers will be respected under an LNP government 


In a significant development for Queensland, the LNP are taking proactive steps towards enhancing volunteer involvement across the state. Shadow Minister for Volunteers Ann Leahy recently revealed that a future Crisafulli LNP Government will initiate a parliamentary inquiry aimed at ‘Breaking Down Barriers to Volunteering’.  


This decision follows concerns raised by the 2024 State of Volunteering in Queensland Report, which indicates a decline in volunteer numbers under the current Palaszczuk-Miles Government. 


The barriers faced by potential volunteers in Queensland are numerous, ranging from legislative and regulatory hurdles to financial constraints and personal health issues. Such obstacles have stifled the volunteer spirit that is crucial to the fabric of communities like ours in Pumicestone. I have spent my time volunteering for numerous charities over the years and have seen firsthand how important and hardworking our volunteers are—they deserve to be respected for all that they do! 


The LNP recognises the indispensable role that volunteers play, not just in delivering services and support, but in building strong resilient communities.  


Ann Leahy, who has dedicated her tenure as shadow minister to listening and understanding the challenges within the volunteer sector, stated, "Our volunteers embody the heart and soul of our communities and it is high time their voices are heard and their challenges addressed".  


The inquiry will focus on the following five areas: 

  1. Restrictions on volunteering caused by legislation and regulation. 

  1. Current government support for the sector and opportunities for improvement. 

  1. Barriers to volunteering for non-volunteers. 

  1. Current restrictions adversely limiting active volunteers. 

  1. Opportunities for diversification in the volunteer workforce. 


The LNP's commitment is clear: volunteers will be a priority should the LNP be successful in the upcoming election. This inquiry is not just about investigating; it is about taking concrete steps towards legislative, regulatory and financial reforms that will empower our volunteers and enhance their capacity to serve. 


The planned parliamentary inquiry will be expected to produce actionable recommendations that can lead to real improvements in how we support and facilitate volunteering. The committee's focus will reflect our community's needs and aim to harness the untapped potential within our volunteer sector. 


To the volunteers in Pumicestone, I want you to know that your efforts are deeply appreciated. You are truly the backbone of our community and it's imperative that your work is supported and valued. 


Let’s look forward to a future where volunteering is not only recognised but is also actively encouraged and supported, making Pumicestone an even better place to live and work. Together, we can break down these barriers and build a thriving, compassionate community led by the spirit of service. 


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