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Welcome to issue 80

We honor this Issue to Harvey Fewings, Contemplations and Cranky Lizard. We will miss you mate. 😢

This Issue is a very sensitive issue for the LOCAL News and staff. We pay tribute and mourn the loss of Harvey Fewings who passed away suddenly late last month.

Harvey has been a contributor of this newspaper for 6 years. There is absolutely no doubt he will also be missed by the readers. Harvey would tackle hard issues and sometimes (or a lot) was quite controversial in both Cranky Lizard and Contemplations. He told me he absolutely loved writing Cranky Lizard and I loved publishing it.

Most of you agreed with what he wrote about and there was some who didn’t. I would like to thank everyone for your feedback over the years and assure you that Harvey read every email response. They were always welcome.

Harvey was the core of this newspaper and we spoke all the time about general day to day operations of the newspaper. He was my mentor, my motivation and someone who steered me. He was family to me.

I will be publishing some of the early cranky lizards in the future publications, so keep an eye out. There are some classics and bound to get some more responses from the community.

As usual we cover a wide variety of local issues, while showcasing our local businesses. It is our local businesses who make this publication possible so please support them.

Warm regards

Belinda Ferguson

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