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This glorious winter weather has brought some really good days of light westerly winds. These winds have cleared up the water quality, brining it almost back to where it was before the rain, which in turn has increased fishing activity in the Passage and the Bay.

Dusky Flathead are plentiful right now in the Passage on the shallow flats, Sandstone Point, White Patch and Ocean Beach at Woorim. Dusky Flathead are one of the most popular species in Australia. Big Flatties can be found in most coastal waterways and estuaries. At times big fish can be caught along beaches and even offshore. Small Flatties are reliable, tasty, and considered a great option to catch for a meal.

At certain times of the year and in certain conditions, big Flatties will venture onto shallow flats and lie-up. Historically Spring and Summer have been preferred chasing the bigger fish in shallow water.

Flathead respond to a variety of Lures, which we carry in-store @ Island Fishing Supplies, such as Atomic Slim Twitchers, Storm Tock Minnow and 4 inch Z-Man Swimmerz.

Winter Whiting have turned up in the Bay, especially in and around the Cockle Banks, in good numbers and quality sizes. Some of the fish have been reported up to 30cm. Bloodworms being the first option for bait and then Squid and peeled Prawn.

The weather at the moment is the perfect time to get out to these areas to catch enough for a few meals.

We are excited with the first signs of some nice Tailor coming into the Passage early this year. The last couple of years Tailor fishing has not been as good as expected but this year it looks like it is going to be a different story. A few reports have already come in with some nice 40+ cm fish getting caught on the troll with either Shallow Diving Hard Body Lures or Metal Slugs, with the chance of still catching a Spotted Mackerel at the same time.

This should only improve of the next few months, and it is definitely worth a try on the open beach casting Metal Lures with a fast retrieve.

Enjoy fishing and remember to catch only what you need!

Danny and Michelle

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